7 Crystals for the Garden

Many modern witches incorporate a number of different elements into our practices. I, for example, practice yoga, read tarot cards, burn incense, collect crystals, make tea, follow the lunar cycles and grow my own garden, among other things. This is fairly common – few people stick to just one linear element of their spiritual practice.

It can be hard to keep up with all these different interests at times but when you can combine a few elements of your practice into one cohesive whole, it makes for a more balanced and engaging spirituality.

Crystals are an easy spiritual tool to incorporate into just about any other element of your practice, including herbalism and working in the garden. Crystals are more than just beautiful, though we are often drawn to their physical appearance first. It is said that crystals have specific metaphysical properties and vibrations which resonate with us on different frequencies, helping us with healing, energy levels, anxiety and psychic awareness. They can be placed in specific locations or even on the body to help us connect.

How do you put crystals to work in the garden, for example? Place crystal grids in the bottoms of your pots before you fill them with dirt or on top of the dirt at the base of your plants. Crystals can be helpful in the garden for protection, encouraging abundance and connecting with earth energy. The following crystals can be helpful for a variety of reasons detailed below for those herbalists and gardeners among us!

This green crystal is associated with luck and prosperity, as well as creative problem solving.

Available in both natural and man-made forms, (though be sure you know the difference and which you prefer), citrine is a striking crystal associated with success and abundance.

Smoky Quartz
Though this crystal is often connected to banishing and dissipating negativity, smoky quartz is also excellent for grounding. Use this crystal in the garden to get in touch with the earth.

Tiger’s Eye
This crystal is known for it’s beautiful amber-colored bands and is magickally connected to protection, prosperity and grounding, so it is an excellent stone for use in the garden.

Blue Lace Agate
A delicate pale blue, this banded agate is known to be a wonderful crystal for supporting women through pregnancy, but you can also use it’s fertile energy to support new growth in the garden.

Though an expensive stone when cut and polished, raw emeralds are fairly common and very beautiful. This earthy, feminine crystal is associated with abundance, success and healing.

Tree Agate
Associated with growth and luck, tree agate has a mossy green color that will encourage your plants to grow thick and lush.

Which crystals do you prefer to work with in the garden?

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