6 Hip Opening Yoga Poses to Celebrate Fertility

The main theme of Beltane is fertility. This can be a difficult concept to connect with for those who aren’t interested in reproductive fertility, but we all possess different kinds of fertile energy as well. In addition to reproduction, we each carry fertile creativity within us.

6 Hip Opening Yoga Poses to Celebrate Fertility for Beltane | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

The sacral chakra, the chakra associated with the reproductive system, is that of sacred creativity and fertility. Hip opening yoga poses that help us to focus on our centers ignite this chakra and our own fertile creativity, especially at Beltane when this energy is particularly strong. This chakra is also associated with sensuality, inspiration, pleasure and desire, all elements of the Beltane celebration as well.

I don’t usually write a lot about yoga as I am far from an expert, but it is a big part of my own spiritual practice. Here are 6 hip opening yoga poses to practice this Beltane in celebration of your own fertile creativity. Be sure to warm up before moving into any of these challenging poses:

  1. Reclined Goddess – Lie on your back with feet flat on the floor. Open your knees and press your feet together. Reach over head and hold your elbows gently. Allow your knees to sink gently towards the floor.
  2. Low Lunge with Backbend – Begin in downward facing dog, then step one foot up in between your hands. Allow your hips to sink low and lift your arms overhead, bending gently backwards.
  3. Frog Pose – Begin in downward facing dog, then move up into tabletop. Inch your knees apart and slide down onto your forearms.
  4. King Dancer – Begin in mountain pose and lift one foot behind you, catching it in one hand. Press your foot into your hand and slowly lift it behind your body. Bend your arm behind your head, then lift the other arm and bend it behind your head as well, holding the foot in both hands. Breathe deeply.
  5. Wide Child’s Pose – Begin in tabletop, then sink back over your thighs. Lift your arms over your head and press your palms into the mat, then inch your knees apart and sink gently between them.
  6. One-Legged King Pigeon – Begin in downward dog, then bend one knee and step it up beside the opposite foot. Sink down gently so that your shin is flat against the mat and stretch your other leg out behind you. Press your hands into the mat on either side of your hips and draw your shoulder blades down your back.

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