5 Essential Oils for the New Moon

I looove working with essential oils in my practice. Honestly, I’m kind of an oil hoarder! Working with essential oils is just one more way to incorporate herbalism and magickal correspondences into your life. At the new moon, we set our intentions and practice some of the most active magick of the lunar cycle. That’s why these 5 essential oils are invigorating and support the setting of productive, spiritual goals!

Grapefruit. This oil is associated with cleansing and purification. We need to purify at the new moon as we begin a new cycle and make new plans.

Bergamot. The oil added to Earl Grey tea, this one is magickally associated with power and success, lending an important herbal boost to the intentions we set at the new moon!

Ginger. This hot, spicy oil is good for success, strength and prosperity, making it perfect for supporting new moon intentions.

Rosemary. Like the herb it is derived from, rosemary oil is excellent for the memory and mental matters. It helps clear the mind at the new moon so that you can set intentions aligned with your true needs.

Patchouli. This grounding oil helps alleviate the head-in-the-clouds tendencies of the new moon and keep you rooted solidly on the ground when setting your intentions.

Which essential oils do you enjoy working with at the new moon and why?

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