10 Full Moon Prompts for Working with Your Grimoire

Based on my recent reader survey, prompts and ideas for working with your grimoire is the number one topic that most of you are interested in! I completely understand why: working with your grimoire is one of the most personal and magickal activities for a witch.

I think working with your grimoire feels especially in tune and powerful during lunar rituals so here are a few grimoire prompts for the full moon:

Record information about the energy of the full moon.

Start a Lunar Grimoire to keep track of your full moon rituals.

Record information about the astrological sign that the moon is currently in.

Research moon goddesses such as Selene, Diana and Hecate and write in your grimoire information about how they are worshiped.

Profile crystals and herbs associated with the moon, such as selenite and jasmine. Sign up for the newsletter below and you’ll receive access to the Super Secret Moonglow Grimoire, which includes free grimoire page templates for profiling crystals, herbs, moon phases and more!

Journaling Prompt: What do you want to celebrate at this full moon? How have you grown and what have you achieved in the last lunar cycle?

The full moon is associated with the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Research the mother and goddesses associated with her and record what resonates with you in your grimoire.

Write down all of the tools you like to use in moon rituals, including your favorite candles, tarot decks, teas and oil blends.

Look up your own moon sign, as well as any planets or asteroids in your natal chart that are in the sign of Cancer, (the sign of the moon), and record what you find in your grimoire.

Journaling Prompt: What do you want to release from the past lunar cycle?

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