Sodalite Crystal & Essential Oil Roller Ball Blend for Intuition

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I am always amazed at all the clever ways spiritual entrepreneurs come up with to incorporate spiritual tools into their products. The Inspired Spirit is one of my new favorite companies because the owner, Heather, has managed to combine two of the primary tools in my practice: crystals and essential oils!

I’ve seen crystal oil blends before, where you place chips of a particular crystal in the bottle before adding the oils, which is a great way to infuse the oil blend with the energy of the crystal. Heather takes it one step further though and is offering her crystalline essential oil rollers, which feature a roller ball on top made from an actual gemstone!

Gemstone Oil Rollers by The Inspired Spirit - I love these, they are so genius!

When I first came across The Inspired Spirit, I was struck by how beautiful and simple this concept is. Not only are the oils infused with the energy of the crystal in this way, but you actually have direct contact with the crystal when applying the oil to your skin. There’s a very earthy and sensory quality about these rollers which appeals to my inner Taurus!

Heather has matched gemstones to the magickal properties of the blend and also includes a few petals or sprigs of an appropriate plant and a tiny quartz crystal in every bottle. I love that attention to detail! Also available are empty bottles with gemstone rollers so that you can make your own blends, with carnelian, rose quartz, clear quartz, leopard jasper, blue lace agate, red brecciated jasper, tiger’s eye, amethyst, green aventurine, obsidian, sodalite and red aventurine rollers being offered. Quite the selection and a wide range of metaphysical properties, so that you can really put your own spin on your gemstone blend. Both the blends and empty roller bottles are very affordable and I appreciate that Heather has been able to make such a beautiful, spiritual item available at such a great price.

Gemstone Oil Rollers by The Inspired Spirit

I received three blends to try and one empty bottle to make my own blend.

Heart & Soul BlendThis blend consists of a rose quartz roller with ylang ylang oil, rose petals and quartz crystal in a coconut oil carrier. The combination of ylang ylang, rose and rose quartz makes for a very romantic blend indeed and would be perfect to wear on your wrists for date night! The ylang ylang is a bit strong for me since it is the only essential oil in the blend but it is one of the prettiest oil rollers I’ve ever seen.

Inspired Insight BlendThis blend consists of an amethyst roller with lavender essential oil, lavender flowers and quartz crystal in a coconut oil carrier. This is my favorite of the three blends I received, as I am a big lavender lover! The simplicity of this roller really appeals to me and it is absolutely gorgeous with the amethyst roller on top. I am beginning to incorporate this roller into my bedtime routine.

Grounded Guardian BlendThis blend consists of an obsidian gem roller with cedarwood, rosemary and frankincense essential oils, rosemary sprigs and quartz crystal in a coconut oil carrier. This blend feels very dramatic and witchy with the heady scent of frankincense and the shiny black obsidian roller on top. I grew up in a region with a lot of volcanic activity so obsidian has always been close to my heart. It is a very grounding and protective crystal (though actually glass, not a crystal at all). I can see this blend being used at the start of a ritual as a way to protect and ground yourself before practicing magick. You could roll the blend on your wrists or anoint your forehead or breastbone with it.

Heather also sent me an empty bottle with a sodalite roller so I could make my own blend to share with all of you. I’ve only recently started working with sodalite, which is often considered interchangeable with or very similar in energy to lapis lazuli, and I love it! This beautiful blue stone has white veins and is quite visually striking. It is associated with knowledge and intuition, so I’ve formulated this blend to be used before or during divination. I would recommend anointing your third eye with the roller and perhaps rubbing the oil between your palms as well before choosing a card or throwing runes.

Sodalite Crystal & Essential Oil Roller Ball Blend for Intuition | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Sodalite Crystal & Essential Oil Roller Ball Blend for Intuition


Carefully remove the roller ball holder from the top of the bottle. Using an eye dropper, place the three oils in the bottle, then fill the rest with vegetable oil (or coconut oil or another carrier oil of your choice).

Replace the sodalite roller ball holder on the top, snapping it firmly in place so it does not leak. Apply to your wrists, palms and forehead to focus and heighten your intuition.

What do you think of gemstone roller balls from The Inspired Spirit? Comment below and tell me which roller you are most interested in for creating your own blend!

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