Garden Cleansing Meditation for Ostara

Happy Ostara! Today is the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, a day when the daylight and nighttime hours are approximately the same length. For this reason, this sabbat is a celebration of balance as well as new growth and fertility. Planting and preparing seeds is one of the traditional activities of Ostara, but I think it’s important to prepare ourselves and our space for new growth as well.

That’s why I’m sharing this garden cleansing meditation today. Ostara is the time to officially shake off the dust and snow of winter and embrace the new season. This meditation is intended to help you do so metaphorically and mentally, but also to clear your physical garden space in time for spring plantings.


Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position in your garden, on your patio or simply surrounded by your potted plants. If you like, anoint your forehead and belly with an essential oil associated with spring, such as lemon, lavender or rosemary.

Light a bundle of sage or cedar and smudge the space around you to cleanse it of any negative energies collected over the winter. Place the bundle in a safe container. This would be a good time to physically clean the garden, sweep the patio, pull up any weeds or dead plants, etc.

Place your hands on your knees and close your eyes. Feel the earth beneath you. Even if you are not seated directly on the ground, reach out with your mind and feel the solidness of the chair or floor under you and the deep connection to the earth below.

Imagine the sage or cedar smoke curling around each plant, cleansing it of any negativity and of the stagnation of winter.

Picture your plants  sprouting new leaves and growing tall, thick and healthy. Imagine each one individually and hold the picture in your mind of each plant at its most abundant and fertile. You are surrounded by a thousand shades of green, each one subtly unique from the last.

In your mind, walk around the garden, visiting each healthy plant in turn. Water them, sing to them and tend them. When you are ready, mentally return to your seated position and open your eyes.

You might want to have seeds or new plants on hand to begin planting right away and moonwater to give them a magickal start.

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