10 Plants for Your Moon Garden

Having a sprawling, sensual moon garden has long been a dream of mine. Moon gardens are gardens filled with a combination of white flowers and night-blooming flowers, and are meant to be enjoyed in moonlight. They also often have water features, reflection balls or other watery elements to connect even more deeply with the moon.

Whether you have an apartment balcony container garden or raised beds and meandering garden paths, here are 10 plants perfect for any moon garden:

White Roses .There is something so soft and pure about white roses, whether they are climbing roses, delicate tea roses or elegant David Austin roses. Roses are, of course, magickally associated with love and opening the heart.

Night-Blooming JasmineNot only is jasmine ruled by the Moon, but there are also night-blooming varieties which are incredible striking in moonlight.

Moonflower. This appropriate named flower has a white blossom that looks like (and is related to) a morning glory, but only blooms at night.

Tuberose. This flower is best known for its incredible, sweet fragrance, and also happens to be night-blooming. Tuberose is associated with peace and sensuality.

Evening Primrose. Although the flowers of this plant are yellow, not white, they do bloom at night and have a lovely fragrance. Like many night-blooming flowers, evening primrose are magickally associated with love, but are also connected to faeries.

Water Lilies. Some varieties of water lilies bloom at night, so if you have a pond or water feature, consider including some of these beautiful, tropical flowers!

Cyclamen. To keep your moon garden flourishing even in the winter months, white cyclamen is a lovely option that is magickally associated with fertility, lust and happiness.

White Lilies. Asiatic lilies are another beautiful option with a very light, gentle fragrance. Lilies are magickally associated with rebirth and fertility.

Alyssum. This low-profile white flowering plant is often used as a border along paths or flower beds. For this reason, it is magickally associated with protection.

Camellia. If you have a little bit of space, a white camellia shrub is a beautiful addition to any moon garden. Camellias are associated with wealth.

Do you have a moon garden? If so, what flowers have you included in it?

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