#PlantBathing for Ostara

Ostara, the pagan celebration of the spring equinox, is just a few short weeks away and will be celebrated on March 20. This sabbat is all about rebirth, renewal and new growth, as well as shaking off the dust of winter and stepping into a new season.

A few years ago, “forest bathing,” the practice of spending time in and connecting with forests, became very trendy. Recently, I’ve found a variation of forest bathing that speaks far more to me personally, and that is particularly appropriate for Ostara. Plant bathing is the indoor version of forest bathing. If you have a lot of potted plants, and feel the need to connect with nature on a rainy, spring day, plant bathing may be perfect for you!


Gather all of your potted plants, regardless of size or type, into one space. Any space will do, as long as it is somewhere you can get comfortable. I would try to do this in a relatively well-lit location so that you can leave your altar up for a while without depriving your plants of sunlight.

Set up a seat of some kind in the space. This could be a cushion on the floor, a chair at the kitchen table or your living room couch.

Place the plants around the seat. It is ideal if you have a shelf or window sill behind the seat so that you can place the plants at varying heights. You could also set up the plants around the bathtub so that you can literally bathe while surrounded by your plants!

Relax in your seat and commune with your plants. 

Touch their leaves, smell their flowers and feel the energy of growth and life around you. You could take an herbal foot bath here, meditate with crystals or sip a cup of tea. The idea is just to relax and connect with nature, even if you can’t go outside to do it!

You can leave your plant bathing altar up as long as you like and as long as your plants are happy there.

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