7 Spiritual Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day may be over but that doesn’t mean you should let the romance fall by the wayside! Sharing spiritual experiences with your partner can strengthen your relationship both physically and emotionally.

If you’re looking to connect on a deeper level with your sweetheart, or just share your own spirituality with them, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Meditate together with rose quartz crystals. You could set up a circle of crystals around both of you as you sit cross-legged facing each other, or each hold a crystal in the palms of your hands.

Watch the stars together. There is seriously nothing more romantic than lying outside under the stars and watching a meteor shower, or even just watching the constellations shift across the sky.

Engage in tantric sex. Do your research first so you have a working understanding of what the practice really means: this is slow, sensual, orgasmic lovemaking, but it is also a deeply spiritual act that will help you connect with your partner.

Have tea together, especially a blend that includes love and lust-inducing herbs such as rose petals cardamom and damiana. You could turn this into a full brunch date, too!


Go skinny dipping in a natural pool somewhere, (bonus points if there is a waterfall!) Being so vulnerable together out in nature can be an incredibly romantic and spiritual experience.

Make an herbalist’s romantic dinner together by incorporating lustful spices such as cayenne and cinnamon or loving herbs like jasmine and rose into your dishes, (perhaps spicy fajitas or jasmine rice and curry?)

Learn about your astrological charts together. Astro-charts.com is a great site that lets you not only compare your two charts and how they relate to one another but also lets you combine your charts and find the middle ground – a natal chart for your relationship!

How do you like to combine romance and spirituality in your own life?

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