Lunar Cycle Tea from Arcana Herbal

*Please Note: I received the product in this review at no charge, but all descriptions and opinions expressed are my own, unless otherwise stated.*

Arcana Herbal is a lovely shop based in Colorado, USA. The creators, Dani, Sadie and Erica, are herbalists who sell handcrafted “witchcraft & spiritual tools”, including teas, smudge mists, soaps, candles and more. The reason I connected with this company so much is that their mission is to introduce modernism into witchcraft. Not only is their brand clean, bright and modern, but their website is professional and easy to navigate too.

Obviously, the mission at Arcana Herbal is very aligned with the mission here at Lupine Hollow: to practice modern witchcraft that suits your own lifestyle. Due to this connection, I’m excited to share a review of the company’s Lunar Cycle “ritual tea”!

Lunar Cycle Tea Blend Review: Apothecary Craft + Brew

The Lunar Cycle Tea is a blend of raspberry leaf, hibiscus, nettle and lemon balm. This tea blend is intended to connect us with the lunar cycle, (appropriate for today’s new moon), but is also a menstrual relief aid. Raspberry leaf in particular is associated with the female reproductive system and can offer powerful support to women during menstruation. I love this connection between the moon phases and women’s wellness, since of course, the two are so intrinsically linked. Wellness aids that take our spiritual connections into account are so powerful! If you are pregnant, I would consult a doctor before drinking this tea as raspberry leaf is sometimes connected to inducing labor and is used to aid in recovery after a miscarriage.

I was surprised when I first brewed the tea that it was initially a very soft, almost mint-colored green. Though the tea did darken to a warm golden hue, I was impressed by the delicate blend, as any blend with hibiscus is almost always a bright, brilliant red. Hibiscus teas are very beautiful but the flavor of this particular flower can be overpowering if the creator is not careful with it. In this Lunar Cycle blend, you still get a hint of the tropical, floral flavor but it does not take over the entire experience.

Rather, the tea has a very soothing, green flavor, likely introduced by the quiet scent of lemon balm. This light, citrusy herb truly is a balm for your aches and worries.

I can easily imagine incorporating this tea blend into a quiet new moon ritual focused on meditation and relaxation. Perhaps dim the lights and sit cross-legged in front of your altar. Put on some quiet, instrumental music to help center you and sip this lovely tea while chanting a favorite mantra or doing a card reading.

I really enjoyed this tea blend and look forward to drinking it as a support both during important lunar phases and during my own cycle. Click here to buy the tea now!

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