Grimoire Inspiration: Profiling Your Crystals

Witchcraft is a deeply personal practice and our grimoires, our altars and our lives are all uniquely different from one another. I feel like it’s always helpful though for witches, especially solitary witches, to see what others are doing and how others practice. This outside influence can introduce us to new ideas and new elements of our practice that we may not have considered before.

That’s why I’m sharing this series of posts featuring photos of different elements of my own grimoire as inspiration. First, I shared inspiration for materia medica and herb profile pages. Today, I ‘m sharing inspiration for profiling your crystals in your grimoire. This post is also a companion piece of sorts to my crystal profile grimoire template, which you can download for free by signing up for the Moonglow Grimoire newsletter at the bottom of this page!

Inspiration for your grimoire - profile crystals in your Book of Shadows! Photo Credit: Chloe Johnson

The crystal profile template is based on the types of information I record about my crystal collection in my grimoire. I record a combination of scientific and magickal or metaphysical information, which includes:

  • Color
  • Luster
  • Habit
  • Habitat (where in the world the crystal is found naturally)
  • Mohs scale (the scientific measurement for hardness)
  • Gender
  • Element
  • Planetary ruler
  • Astrological sign
  • Magickal properties

Inspiration for profiling crystals in your grimoire - I love this rose quartz profile

I don’t include sketches of crystals like I do of herbs, as I’m not an accurate enough artist to make them all appear unique from one another! But I think you could easily decorate crystal pages with colorful doodles that represent the spirit of the crystal too.

Inspiration for profiling crystals in your grimoire | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Inspiring photos of a real witch's grimoire featuring a profile of labradorite | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

How do you incorporate crystal information and magick into your grimoire?

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