Imbolc Ritual Bath of Inner Light

Ritual bathing is an ancient practice. The bathhouses of ancient Rome were communal gathering places, where one moved from room to room, soaking in healing mineral waters of different temperatures (the frigidarium for cold water, the tepidarium for warm water and the caldarium for hot water). This process was very social but could also be very spiritual.

Imbolc Ritual Bath of Inner Light

Though the modern tub-shower combos in most apartments do not embrace the grandeur of ancient Rome, you can still practice ritual bathing in your own home.

Imbolc is an especially appropriate time for this, when it’s cold and often snowy outside,  and a hot bath sounds just right for warming up.

If you do not have a full bath tub, you can turn this into a foot bath with any small bucket or tub.

This Imbolc ritual bath will help you connect with your inner light, as the light begins to return to the northern hemisphere.

Tools and Supplies Needed

Bath tub or foot bath

1 cup of warm milk

Lavender and/or heather buds

Amethyst and turquoise crystals

White candles


Place the crystals and candles around the outside of the tub. Light the candles.

Fill the bath with warm water.

As the bath is filling, pour in the warm milk. Milk and dairy are associated with Imbolc, and milk baths are wonderful for the skin.

Crush the lavender and heather flowers between your hands to release their scent and sprinkle in the bath water. Turn off any lights in the room so there is only candelight.

Undress and sink into the water slowly.

Pour handfuls of water over your skin and relax in the bath as long as you like.

While in the bath, choose one of your candles to focus on. You may want to hold one of your crystals in your hands while you do this. Focus intently on the flame and imagine its light expanding and covering you so your body appears to glow. Now imagine a glow begins to appear from inside you, expanding out to meet the glow of the candle. This glow may be any color that you feel represents you. Sit in the quiet warmth of your inner light and imagine how it can manifest in the world. When you are ready, imagine the glow slowly recedes until it is just a soft pulsing light in your chest. Then imagine the glow from the candle recedes back until it is just a flame once more.

When you are finished, blow out the candles and drain the tub.

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