Mini Imbolc Altar

Altars are an important part of many witches’ lives, as they serve as a sacred space to gather and practice magick. Altars can be incredibly simple or beautifully elaborate, they can be indoor or outdoor, and they can consist of anything that is spiritual and symbolic to you. When building your Imbolc altar, consider the sabbat’s correspondences and decorate your altar accordingly. Focus on particular colors, plants, crystals and other materials that are associated with the sabbat in order to draw your attention to the season.

Mini Imbolc Altar

Perhaps you have limited space to build a seasonal altar, or perhaps you live with others who are not aware of or do not support your spiritual practice. Luckily, there is still a great

option for an Imbolc altar that is cognizant of these issues! This mini Imbolc altar represents the return of spring and new growth from beneath the snow-covered land.


Tools and Supplies Needed:

Small glass jar or cup

Salt or sugar

Bay leaves

White tealight


Fill the glass jar or cup about half full with salt or sugar.

Nestle the tealight candle into the salt or sugar.

Place the bay leaves upright in the salt or sugar, behind the candle, as if they are growing out of the “snow.”

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