10 Days of Yule

Yule is one of my favorite sabbats. When I was a kid, Christmas was a big deal in my house, and it still is in my family. We decorate our houses with a tree in every room and go all out on the homemade cookies and eggnog. I love the chaos and joyful activity of the holiday season, but I also love the quiet introspection that comes along with Yule.

This holiday is one of both celebration and reflection. Being with loved ones and reflecting on our inner darkness. It’s a beautiful culmination of the year and a light in the dark of winter. To celebrate this lovely duality, we are releasing a FREE online course in the Lavender + Lupine School of Magick!

10 Days of Yule - FREE Online Course!

The online course, 10 Days of Yule, features 10 short lessons on the history of Yule, seasonal recipes, and Yule decorations, spells and rituals.

Click here to sign up now. Happy holidays!

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