10 Winter Holiday Prompts for Your Witch’s Grimoire

In this continuation of my Grimoire Prompts series, I’m focusing on using your grimoire during the winter holidays. I know I tend to get distracted from my own practice during the holiday months, as there is just so much going on! Even by October, I’m so busy with parties and work, that it can be easy to miss the sabbats and new and full moons altogether, let alone keep up my daily practice.


10 Winter Holiday Prompts for Your Witch's Grimoire | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Finding ways to use your grimoire actively during the holidays is a great way to recenter and reconnect, even during this busy season.

Record in your grimoire family recipes you make each year during the holidays, such as the family gingerbread cookie recipe. This is perfect for kitchen witches who use their grimoires as recipe books as well.

Work with the winter astrological signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces and record information you find about the energies of these signs in your grimoire.

Profile crystals and herbs associated with Yule such as garnet and moss agate, or holly and peppermint.

Journaling Prompt: Reflect on the past year and how you have grown in your spiritual journey during that time.

Record a favorite holiday story or Yule legend, such as A Christmas Carol or the story of the yule log. Then, each year, you will be able to

read this story out loud from your grimoire to create a new holiday tradition.

Make plans for the new year in terms of your spiritual journey. What new ideas and techniques do you want to study?

Sketch or trace mandalas into your grimoire and color them in. Coloring may be trendy but it really is deeply meditative and relaxing, and mandalas can be very powerful for centering your energy. The perfect activity for a rainy, winter day!

Press sprigs of holly leaves, pine or cedar in your grimoire to scent the book with the feeling of the season.

Research and record information about gods and goddesses associated with Yule and other winter holidays, such as Saturnalia. You might find a new tradition you feel drawn to.

Write down the steps you take for your Yule and December full moon rituals, so that you can refer back to them in the future.

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