Protective Witch Jar Spell

Paganism and witchcraft have their roots in the ancient past. Most modern witches do not accept the idea that witchcraft has been handed down secretly from generation to generation, but certainly many of our practices are historical. Whether it be traditional sabbat activities such as carving pumpkins at Samhain or honoring the full moon, these are practices that are easily found in ancient cultures in various places around the world. That fact can make our practice feel deeply rooted and full of tradition.

But it can also make our practice feel out of sync with the modern world at times.

That’s why Serena of Lavender Moon and I started the Lavender + Lupine School of Magick, to help modern witches learn how to practice modern witchcraft. We are both experienced witches, dedicated to bringing our practices into our daily lives in practical, meaningful ways. Scroll down for a preview of our newest course, featuring a protective witch jar spell!


Protective Witch Jar Spell


  • Glass jar with lid
  • Nails (rusty is good)
  • Straight pins
  • Handwritten incantation, torn into pieces
  • Bay leaves
  • Witch hazel
  • Black candle


    1. Place the nails, pins and bay leaves in the jar.
    2. Handwrite a protection spell on a piece of paper.


  • Example:
    With this jar I protect,
    With these nails I defend,
    With this candle my home is safe.


  1. Tear up the paper and drop the pieces into the jar.
  2. Pour the witch hazel over the objects in the jar so they are just covered by the liquid.
  3. Seal the lid on the jar.
  4. Light the black candle and, holding the jar on its side, drip black wax around the rim to seal it.
  5. Bury in your yard or in a pot by your front door to protect your home.  


The course this spell is featured in, Practical Magick for Modern Witches: Part Two, is available as of today! This is an in-depth course all about expanding your knowledge of practicing witchcraft in the 21st century. The course features content focusing on:

  • Historical and Modern Witchcraft
  • Modern Sacred Space
  • Connecting with Nature in an Urban Setting
  • Practicing Magick and Divination

Each section features several lessons that expand on the beginner topics explored in the Practical Magick for Modern Witches: Part One course, all with a contemporary, urban focus.

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