Giving Thanks for the Full Moon in Taurus

It seems fitting that the full moon in Taurus generally occurs within a few weeks of the American Thanksgiving, as both can be considered to be about comfort, home and a little bit of overindulgence. With my sun in Taurus, I’ve always felt very close to this particular full moon. As the weather turns chilly and the evenings grow darker, we draw inward and begin to plan celebrations with family and friends.

Over the next eight weeks, I’ll be sharing lots of recipes, gift ideas and ways to celebrate the light of family and food in the darkest part of the year. Even if you aren’t in the States or don’t have ingrained Thanksgiving traditions, the energy of this time of year isn’t hard to connect with. Whether you are giving thanks for your own comfort or striving to give someone else a moment of peace, I think we all feel the emotional tug this time of year.

Should we be more thankful and more generous all year long? Absolutely. But we are also only human and our tendency to fall into complacency is not generally born out of intentional neglect. Just human laziness, let’s be real. If we can at come together at least once a year, I think that’s a pretty beautiful thing.

Happy full moon!

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