100 Ways to Live a Magickal Life Every Day

Do you ever feel like your life and spiritual practice just don’t live up to the magickal vision in your head? When you look at all the ridiculously beautiful altars and grimoires on Pinterest and Instagram, do you get a major case of witch-envy?

I totally know what that’s like – whether you prefer the simple, cottage aesthetic or the over-the-top, maximalist vibe, there’s an Instagram hashtag for all your witchy inspo. But inspiration can quickly turn to toxic comparison on social media.

If you’ve been feeling like your practice just doesn’t measure up or like your windowsill altar of a few crystals and a half-dead succulent isn’t magickal enough to be a “real” altar…


Just stop. Stop going down the road of comparison and shame.

I promise you:

🔮 Your practice is magickal enough.
💜 Your altar is beautiful enough.
😍 YOU are enough.

In fact, it actually doesn’t take much to make for a magickal existence, which is why I’m sharing 100 ideas for living your most magickal life and incorporating magick into your everyday activities! The ideas on this list are designed to help you see the magick in the mundane and to recognize that your own practice truly is beautiful.

Pick dandelions and make a wish.

Inscribe sigils on the bottom of your pie crust before pouring in the filling.

Carry a chrysocolla stone in your pocket to dissipate conflict and help you communicate harmoniously.

Choose a Major Arcana tarot card that represents the ideal outcome of a situation and place it on your altar to remind yourself what you’re working toward.

Plant lavender by your garden gate for luck…

Plant a cactus by your garden gate for protection.

Bless your kitchen utensils, such as spatulas and wooden spoons, that all the food you make with them will promote healing and love.

Find a crystal necklace you really love and charge it under the full moon. Wear it the rest of the month to bring the energy of the full moon with you.

Have tantric sex with a loving partner.

Watch Practical Magic. At least once a month.

Keep a roller ball of lavender essential oil at your desk so you can rub it on your wrists whenever work gets a little too stressful. To make this extra soothing, you could bless the bottle with moonwater.

Carve sigils into the sand at the beach and let the tides release them into the universe.

Keep mini altars in rooms you use regularly like the bathroom and kitchen so you’re always close to a few special, spiritual items.

Purchase or make a piece of jewelry from a protective stone like smoky quartz or obsidian.

Keep track of your sleep and menstrual cycles and moods to see how the moon phases affect you.

Make your own toiletries, like soap and toner, with essential oils, alcohol-free witch hazel and other natural materials. This way, not only can you control what you’re putting on your skin, but you can include a few magickal ingredients as well!

Carry a small pocket sized journal with you to act as a portable grimoire.

Do a tarot reading first thing Saturday morning to lend some grounded perspective to the weekend.

Go outside on a full moon and look up at the bright sky.

Go outside on a new moon and look up at the dark sky. (Both are beautiful.)

Place drops of essential oils from the companion plants of the plants in your garden into your watering can to give your garden a little boost.

Wear a crystal pendulum as a necklace so you’re always ready to do a little scrying.

Make your own scented candles with oils and herbs to infuse them with particular magickal properties.

Place crystal grids for protection or abundance in the bottoms of pots before planting.

Burn sage or cedar first thing in the morning to start your day off fresh.

Sleep outside under the stars and look for constellations and shooting stars.

Paint sigils on your mailbox.

Take a full moon retreat at least once a year to recenter yourself and reconnect with your spirituality.

Hang a silver bell on your front door knob for good luck.

Add rose petals to sangria for love.

When you wake up in the morning, start the day with five minutes of yoga or meditation before you even get out of bed.

Tuck a sprig of lavender under your pillow before bed to promote peaceful sleep.

Write down your dreams each morning and compare what you dream about at different times of your menstrual cycle or when the moon is in a different phase or sign.

Watch a meteor shower with someone you care about.

Look up at the night sky on an average evening and watch the constellations move above you.

Drink turmeric tea or milk (also known as golden milk) to start your day off healthy.

Keep one white candle and one black candle on your altar that you only light on the full and new moons, respectively.

Keep a roller ball of peppermint essential oil handy for when you need a little pick-me-up.

Paint your front door purple to promote spirituality in your home. If this isn’t possible, try hanging a purple wreath on the door or gate.

Water the plants in your garden counterclockwise (or widdershins) to banish negativity from the space.

Put on a temporary tattoo that represents a situation or a spell that you want to keep close to you.

Paint your nails a color associated with the intention of your spell or ritual before you begin so that your hands become your wand.

Plant red geraniums by your front door as this is a traditional sign of witches.

Bless more than just water and crystals on the night of the full moon – set out your essential oils, nail polish or a special bottle of champagne too!

Dry the first herbs or vegetables you harvest from your garden and incorporate them into a charm bag to ensure continued abundance.

Wash your windows with moonwater for extra clarity.

Stir sugar into your tea or coffee with intention, willing sweetness into your day and life.

Draw sigils or write a brief protective spell on the inside of your dog or cat’s collar.

Add chips of a relevant crystal to your next essential oil roller ball to boost it’s magickal power.

Soak in a milk bath (or just soak your fingers in a bowl of warm milk) on the full moon to embrace the feminine energy. Plus you’ll come away with silky, soft skin!

When someone special gives you flowers, dry them and incorporate into a charm bag for continued love and romance.

Bless lightbulbs on the full moon to provide those in your home with the ability to clearly see the truth.

Add edible flowers to a salad – especially those magickally associated with health and healing.

Keep a small collection of essential oils, teas or other materials at your desk or in your car so you are prepared for anything.

Hang up palmistry posters and astrology charts in your home for easy reference and pretty, witchy decor!

Line your windowsills with protective crystals.

Make smudge sticks for the seasons, using chamomile buds for spring, lavender for summer, sage for fall and pine for winter.

When making homemade donuts, add a drop or two of a dietary essential oil with a magickal property you would like to imbue the treat with to the cooking oil before frying.

Build a mini moon goddess altar in a windowsill that faces the rising full moon. Consider switching out the elements used in the altar for a different goddess each month.

Stir drinks and batters in a deosil (clockwise) motion to encourage magick and positivity.

Imbue nail polish with a magickal property you would like to spread into the world around you before painting your nails. For an extra boost, align the color of the polish with a color associated with your intention (such as pink for happiness or purple for spirituality).

Choose a favorite outfit to reserve for rituals, so that each time you put it on, it helps get you in the right mindset.

Carve magickal symbols and sigils into pumpkins at Halloween/Samhain.

Make your own tea blends to drink during specific spells and rituals using ingredients that align with your intentions.

Keep a bottle of blessed wine by the stove so you can add a splash to any dish.

Make specific essential oil diffuser blends to use during spells and rituals, using a combination of oils that aligns with your intentions.

If you frequently work with kitchen magick, keep a special grimoire in your kitchen to record magickal dishes you make and their success.

Purchase drippy candles and place them in wine bottles, especially those consumed on a special occasion, for a witchy decoration with sentimental value.

Hot glue crystal points and clusters onto corks for magickal wine stoppers, protecting or imbuing your wine with power.

Even though you probably use silk flowers in your wreaths, spritz them with essential oils for fragrance and a dash of magickal protection.

For birthdays and holidays, gift loved ones with the crystal associated with their astrological sign with a note explaining the significance.

Get a telescope so you can get up close and personal with the constellations and moon phases.

Write protection or happiness spells on the backs of favorite family photographs to send your intention to those individuals.

Burn a photo of a toxic individual you wish to release or banish from your life in a fire-safe container.

Place crystals associated with abundance in the bottom of mason jars, cover with dirt and plant small plants such as succulents in them. The crystals will act as both a drain and encourage abundant growth.

Find a magickal habit you can practice while doing mundane things like watching tv, such as knot magick.

Use a favorite crystal or a crystal related to your question to choose your tarot cards in a reading.

Make essential oil roller balls for your loved ones using oils associated with their sun, moon or rising sign. (You can also make these for yourself, of course!)

Imbue confetti with positivity or abundance and sprinkle inside cards to send to loved ones.

Have a small full moon gathering with friends. Drink wine, share stories and enjoy each other’s company.

Mix essential oils with magickal properties aligned with your intention for a spell or ritual with carrier oil and anoint yourself with it.

Surround your bed with crystals to encourage psychic dreams or peaceful sleep.

As storms create powerful magick, incorporate the weather into your spells and rituals by gathering common elements such as leaves blown by the wind, rainwater and snow for your use.

Carve symbols for abundance into wooden popsicle sticks, then write the name of each plant in your garden on them and stick into the soil to identify them. You could also anoint the sticks with abundance oils.

Choose your favorite tarot card and design your own version of it with symbolism particular to your practice to frame on your altar.

Create a custom mobile or wind chime to hang in your garden using crystals for protection, abundance or purification.

Add a few drops of a soothing essential oil to a bathtub to bathe in before a ritual or just after a long day.

Cleanse your tarot cards with simple materials such as a ring of salt around the deck before or after use.

Use a gazing globe in your garden as a crystal ball for scrying, especially on full moon lit nights.

Develop eco-friendly habits such as composting and using reusable bags. Witches love the earth, after all!

Compile a set of tools inspired by your own heritage or current region, such as crystals and herbs found in your native country or area, for a hyper-localized practice.

Decorate your home with seasonal materials for the sabbats, such as pine boughs, fallen branches covered in fall leaves, pinecones and acorns.

Say an incantation of blessing over a bottle of wine as you pour it into a decanter.

Carve your own basic runes out of common materials such as pebbles.

Carry a charm bag in your purse or pocket made from ingredients for protection or to calm your nerves.

Mix a seasonal cocktail with magickal ingredients associated with the themes of the season (fertility for spring, abundance for summer, release for fall and reflection for winter).

Cast a spell on your sunglasses or eyeglasses to help you see the truth or to increase your psychic insight.

Practice knot magick in the form of knitting or crochet, binding your intentions into every stitch.

Plant a few night blooming plants or plants with white flowers in your garden or in your windowsill for a moon garden, best viewed on the full moon.

Practice magick whenever, wherever and however feels right for you!


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