Practical Magick for Modern Witches: Part Two

With Samhain just a few days away, I have some exciting news! If you pre-register for the newest course in the Lavender + Lupine School of Magick by midnight on Samhain, you will receive 15% off!

Just click here and enter the coupon code SAMHAIN17 at checkout to receive the discount. Expires October 31, 2017 at 11:59 pm.


This course, Practical Magick for Modern Witches: Part Two, will be an in-depth course all about expanding your knowledge of practicing witchcraft in the 21st century. The course features content focusing on:

  • Historical and Modern Witchcraft
  • Modern Sacred Space
  • Connecting with Nature in an Urban Setting
  • Practicing Magick and Divination

Each section features several lessons that expand on the beginner topics explored in the Practical Magick for Modern Witches: Part One course, all with a contemporary, urban focus. Course content will be available at the November new moon.

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