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You have probably heard on the news by now that for the past week, much of Northern California has been on fire. Almost 3,000 homes have burned down just in one county. I myself have been evacuated from my house since Monday, October 9 at 2:30 am when my neighbor banged on my door until I woke up to smoke and flames on the hill above us, although my neighborhood has thankfully been spared.

The Element of Fire - Donate for California Wildfires

This is particularly traumatic as my childhood home burned down two years ago in the Valley Fire of 2015, which was then considered the third most destructive wildfire in California history. The Tubbs, Atlas and LNU complex fires of the past week have quickly demolished those records. Although my own home is safe this time around, I know many people who have lost their houses and now it is my turn to try and help them recover, as they helped and supported my family two years ago.

With my Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries, the element of fire is one that has always had a strong presence in my life. It continues to touch me in destructive and terrifying, if incredibly transformative, ways. I’ve always marveled at the immense power of fire and given the turns my life has taken, I respect it and those that fight to keep us safe from it more than I can say.

Click here to donate to our local credit union’s community fund, which has been incredibly supportive and generous during the fires of the past couple years. They helped me personally get back on my feet and I know they will do the same for thousands of people over the next few months.

Donations are no longer being accepted but thank you for your interest and support!

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