7 Pop Culture Witches to Dress Up as This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and though in the pagan community this is actually the sacred sabbat, Samhain, most of us witches still like to get dressed up, right?! I’m going to be a flapper this year, which is a departure from my usual layers of black and a witches hat. Most years I struggle to come up with a costume and just end up reverting back to my basic witch outfit!

Since I figure at least some of you have the same issue, I thought I would pull together a few quick ideas for specific pop culture witches you could dress up as.

7 Pop Culture Witches to Dress Up As This Halloween | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: 1990s bobbed blonde hair, sleeveless black dress with short sleeved sweater, black cat stuffed animal

Samantha Stephens (Bewitched): vintage 1960s frock, Bewitched jingle on your phone so you can play it every time you twitch your nose! (Alternatively, dress up in one of her most famous outfits: a white satin dress, a heart necklace and a protest sign reading Witches are people too!!)

7 Pop Culture Witches to Dress Up As This Halloween | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Aunt Frances (Practical Magic): long dark hair with streaks of gray, long flowy dress with a housecoat over it, layers of necklaces, big floppy sunhat, glass of port or a grimoire

Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): red hair, collared shirt under a sweater vest, stacks of books on witchcraft and/or a shoulder book bag

Sarah Sanderson (Hocus Pocus): very long blond wig, dark eyeliner and lipstick, red and purple Renaissance style dress

Gil Holroyd (Bell Book and Candle): short blond hair, slinky 1960s dress, a bell, a book and/or a candle to carry

Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed): dark bobbed hair, low cut blouse, mini skirt, glasses, a printed copy of the Ask Phoebe column


What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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