5 Tarot and Oracle Decks I Love (and a Few I Wish I Owned!)

A lot of my rituals, especially moon rituals, end with a card reading. I love the tactile feeling of tarot and oracle decks and that a big part of card readings is interpreting artwork. These cards are not mystically imbued; they are just decks of cards with beautiful (and sometimes frightening) images drawn from an artist’s mind that lead us to answers we often already knew.

I own five tarot and oracle decks, which really isn’t a lot by most witches’ standards!

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5 Tarot and Oracle Decks I Love (and a Few I Wish I Owned!)

The Linestrider Tarot

I only recently acquired this deck, illustrated by Siolo Thompson, but I’ve been wanting it for a long time. The artwork is exquisite, filled with animals, mystical ideas and watercolors. I haven’t had much of a chance to work with this deck but I’m really excited to meditate on the beautiful artwork and see what it has to say.

Favorite Card: Queen of Wands

5 Tarot and Oracle Decks I Love (and a Few I Wish I Owned!) Spirit de la Lune Oracle Deck

This circular deck is absolutely stunning and my most often used deck, particularly for moon rituals. Inspired by moon phases and signs and astronomical events, the deck is perfect for doing readings at new and full moons.

The back of the cards is decorated with silver foil and each illustration is a mandala that represents that particular phase or sign. Plus, the included book comes with special card spreads for each monthly moon name.

Favorite Card: Solar Eclipse – Threshold

5 Tarot and Oracle Decks I Love (and a Few I Wish I Owned!)

Smith-Waite Tarot Deck Centennial Edition

The Smith-Waite deck is the original tarot deck. Well, kind of. The deck was originally illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909 and it’s the basis of pretty much all modern tarot decks. It includes the major and minor arcana as we know them today and is the accepted standard of traditional tarot illustration.

This is a mini deck that comes in a little tin that was published in 2009 as a centennial edition of the original deck. This one is one of my favorite decks as it is such a classic but I actually prefer many modern decks over this one as the illustrations can feel a bit out of touch to me.

Favorite Card: High Priestess

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Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle Deck

This is the most unusual deck I own. Each card is based on a particular plant, featuring a beautiful watercolor illustration (also by Siolo Thompson) as well as a lengthy description on the back of the card. This is my favorite deck to use for sabbats since it is so nature based.

The only thing I don’t like about this deck is that it’s hard to use intuitively because one side is the illustration and the other is the information so you can’t really choose one without knowing what you’re choosing!

Favorite Card: Wild Indigo

5 Tarot and Oracle Decks I Love (and a Few I Wish I Owned!)

Golden Thread Tarot

This was the first tarot deck I ever bought and the main reason I wanted it (aside from the stunning gold foil) was that it comes with a free app instead of a booklet. It may not be very romantic but it is SO handy! The artist is incredibly creative and manages to convey so much so simply.

Not only is the artwork created with simple gold lines but the app is straightforward and easy to use. A work of art in and of itself!

Favorite Card: Queen of Cups


In addition to all of these, of course, there are so many more decks that I would love to own! These include:

There are just so many to choose from! Which decks do you own and which do you wish you had?

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