How to Use Crystals to Create a Dream Temple

Guest post by Alexis J. Cunningfolk, Worts and Cunning

Crystals have the special ability of connecting us with the dreaming earth and the worlds between. One of the ways that I like to work with crystals for my night journeying is to use them to create a sleep temple and doorway to dreams.

As we begin, a sweet reminder that your relationship with crystals will be more powerful if begun in an intentional way. If you’re purchasing crystals, be sure to do so from reputable and sustainable sources. Allow space for mystery for how a crystal or stone might come into your life. I have found again and again in my life that if you’re seeking a stone the stone will be seeking you, too, and they’ll often turn up in unexpected ways.

How to Use Crystals to Create a Dream Temple | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

A sleep temple is an easily evoked astral space to help you practice dream magick. To create your sleep temple you’ll need a stone for every corner of your room. Clear quartz is a always great option, but smooth stones from riverbeds are my favorite for establishing the foundation of a sleep temple. Work with what you have and celebrate your creative solutions as a sign of magickal adaptability.

Here are a few of my favorite stones for dream magick:

Amethyst: For peace of mind, body, and spirit. Helps to focus psychic gifts and bring about visionary dreams.

Rose Quartz: For love and healthy relationships with yourself and others. Helps you have dreams of a loving and gentle nature.

Amazonite: For help remembering and understanding your dreams. Helps you connect with the deeper meaning of your dreams.

Hematite: For protection and boundary-setting. Helps you banish nightmares and to feel safe at night.

Labradorite: For astral projection and lucid dreaming. Helps you to travel between the worlds.

Smoky Quartz: For help in manifesting your dreams. Helps you to make your dreams a reality.

How to Use Crystals to Create a Dream Temple | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

When all your stones have been placed in the appropriate corners, go to the center of your room and take three centering breaths. Visualize the stones glowing and creating a beautiful temple of dreams around you. Charge the stones with the following charm:

Stone by stone
A temple is grown
Stone by stone
For dreams to be known
Stone by stone
Be called and be home
Blessed be!

When your temple feels charged you can let it fade away to be evoked again as needed with the following charm:

Stone by stone
All in place
I call dreams
to this space

The final step of creating your dream temple is to choose one crystal to act as your dream doorway. Choose a doorway stone that aligns with what you’re hoping to achieve through dream magick. Wanting psychic dreams? Consider Amethyst. Trying to understand what your dreams mean? Amazonite might be a good option. Trying to have less nightmares? Hematite is a great ally. Wanting to connect with land spirits and the world of Faery? Find a hagstone (aka a stone with a naturally formed hole in it).

Just before bed, evoke your dream temple. Hold your doorway stone in your hands and connect with your dream intention (i.e. to help me connect with my psychic gifts or alleviate my nightmares). Place the stone beside your bed and off to sleep. You can add in a bit of extra magick by placing your doorway stone on or before a powerful image (such as a tarot card or sigil) that resonates with your intention. When you walk up be sure to record your dreams in a journal so you can find wisdom in their symbols. Your dream temple will naturally fade away when you’re awake for the day, ready to be evoked again when evening comes.

Have fun using stones in your dream work and may you have many night journeying adventures!


Alexis J. Cunningfolk is the herbalist and witch behind Worts + Cunning Apothecary. She helps folks radically re-enchant their lives through intersectional herbalism and magickal arts. From her online community of starry-hearted healers to in-person classes and remedy sessions, find out more about Alexis and how she can help you reconnect to your magick at

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