Lammas Garden Blessing Ritual

Lammas is one of my favorite sabbats. It’s still warm and it still says light out late but this sabbat brings with it the promise of fall. Autumn is on the horizon!

Lammas (also known as Lughnasadh) is the first harvest festival. This is a celebration of the bounty of summer, especially that of the late summer harvest. Although it is more traditional to do a garden blessing at the beginning of summer, when you plant your vegetables, I love to do one at Lammas as well to help the harvest along.

Lammas Garden Blessing Ritual | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Tools and Supplies Needed:

  • Broom
  • Bug Away peppermint spray
  • Sage or cedar smudge stick
  • Ceramic bowl or abalone shell
  • White or gold candles
  • Watering can
  • Lammas feast (cornbread, blackberries and ale)

Begin by sweeping your garden area, cleaning the patio, rocks or other materials that surround your plants. Knock down spider webs, clean out dry leaves and wash the water spots off the windows, (if you’re like me and usually hit them with the hose!) I would recommend spraying some of the Bug Away peppermint spray around your garden if you have bugs, spiders or rodents of any kind. If you have a table and chairs in your garden, wipe them down with a damp cloth and throw any linens or cushions in the laundry.

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Place the candles on the table or in a secure spot on the ground if you don’t have a sitting area. Light the candles. Hold the smudge stick of your choice to the flame until it is smoldering, releasing smoke into the air. Snub the stick into the ceramic bowl or shell so it continues smoking.

Wave the smoke around and inside the watering can to purify it. Then, wave the smoke to each corner of your garden, walking slowly around the space and imagining it bursting with greenery and vegetables (if it is not already!) Place the smudge stick back in the bowl or shell.

Fill the watering can. Carefully water each plant in the garden, taking your time and considering each plant as you come to it. See what parts of the plant are healthier and what could be done to help them be more abundant. More or less water? Fertilizer? Does it need to be moved into greater sunlight?

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When you are finished watering the garden, sit beside the lit candles and enjoy your Lammas feast of cornbread, blackberries and ale (or white wine).


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