The Ultimate List of New Moon Resources

I love me some Pinterest. I use it probably almost as much as I use Google for internet searches, especially about pagan and magickal lifestyles. There is so much information out there on just about any topic, and given the success of my Ultimate List of Witchy Resources post, I thought I would expand on particular subjects.

The new moon is all about setting intentions and new beginnings. It’s the time for fresh starts in big ways (think new job, new relationship) and in little ways (like waking up earlier and choosing to eat healthier.) This is when the moon is darkest in the sky, farthest from being fully illuminated, and this is when we prepare to become illuminated ourselves.

The Ultimate List of New Moon Resources | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Here is a roundup of all my favorite resources around the internet for celebrating and taking action at the powerful new moon:

And just to make it extra easy, here are all of the new moon resources and rituals I’ve shared here at Lupine Hollow:

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