5 Essential Oils for the Full Moon

I’m really excited to start doing more posts about essential oils! I’ll be sharing several posts over the next few weeks and months about using essential oils in your rituals and spells. Specifically, I’m working with Young Living oils, but you can use whichever essential oils you prefer for singles (although blends are generally proprietary to individual companies.)

The great thing about essential oils is that they are just one more way we as witches can put our knowledge of magickal correspondences to good use. Combining specific oils in a diffuser blend is no different than combining herbs in a tea blend.

5 Essential Oils for The Full Moon

Today we’re talking about essential oils you can use specifically for your full moon rituals. The simplest ways to use oils are to inhale them directly from the bottle or to diffuse them in a reed or ultrasonic diffuser. I’ll probably do some posts about the different ways you can incorporate oils into your magickal practice soon!

Unfortunately, several of the flowers, plants and herbs most commonly associated with the full moon are either not often found in essential oils or are very expensive. Rose and jasmine, in particular, are two of my favorite full moon herbs, but both cost $100.00 – $300.00 for just 5 milliliters of oil! That’s why I’m recommending five essential oils for the full moon that take value into consideration as well as magickal correspondences.


Cardamom is one of the ingredients of my Full Moon Tea blend. Although the sweet spice is governed by Venus, rather than the Moon, I’ve always felt it is a lovely Full Moon herb. It is associated with intimacy, lust and romance, feelings that are often heightened at the Full Moon.


Eucalyptus is perhaps one of the most common essential oils and can be found in uplifting scent is associated with the Moon and health. Eucalyptus essential oil tends to come in several varieties so test them out and see which most appeals to you. (Young Living stocks Eucalyptus Blue, Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata). many skin care products and candles. 


Myrrh is an ancient scent, associated with spirituality and centeredness.

It is often paired with Frankincense, which is associated with the Sun, making the Moon-ruled Myrrh its counterpoint. The two together are powerfully symbolic and smell wonderful, but can easily be used on their own as well.


Sandalwood is a powerful scent associated with purification and spirituality. The plant is ruled by the Moon and is also often used in incense or burned directly in wood form.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a great substitute for Rose when finances do not cooperate, as it too is ruled by Venus and has a sweet, floral scent. This flower is associated with romance, lust and sexuality, but also lends peace and calm to any atmosphere.

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