5 Crystals & Stones for Purification

The tools of my magickal practice are ever evolving, but crystals have been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. My childhood was spent collecting rocks and gems, reading geology books and carefully cataloging my collection. At some point, that fascination became spiritual, and I started learning about the metaphysical properties of stones as well.

Today I’m sharing with you five crystals and stones you can use for purification. Purification is one of the most important correspondences to be familiar with as it’s important to always purify ourselves and our spaces when embarking on a ritual, spell or new endeavor. We want to let go of old habits and negative attitudes so that our magick isn’t infused with them.

5 Crystals & Stones for Purification | The Witch of Lupine Hollow



One of my favorite stones, chrysocolla dissipates conflict and encourages us to communicate peacefully, honestly and harmoniously.

Though not a traditional purifying stone, this one is great for cleansing a room after a bad argument or conflict has occurred.

Clear Quartz

This catch-all crystal can be used for many purposes and can sometimes even be substituted for other crystals if you don’t have them available.

It’s primary function though is cleansing, clearing confusion and centering the mind.

5 Crystals & Stones for Purification | The Witch of Lupine Hollow


A beautiful banded green and purple crystal, fluorite is used to aid in all sorts of psychic and magickal endeavors.

It is also a great cleansing stone, especially if you are preparing to cast a spell or other magick.


This is one of my favorite crystals for purification and I’ve talked previously about its connections to the moon.

Selenite is considered to have the unique ability to absorb and dissolve negative energy. Its columnar “wand” shape makes it ideal for cleansing ourselves and spaces.

Smoky Quartz

Although I tend to use smoky quartz more in a banishing context, even in that form, the crystal is meant to “banish” negativity.

Smoky quartz dissipates bad energy and grounds you.



What are your favorite crystals and stones to use for purification? If you have a big crystal collection like I do, you might want to catalog them in your grimoire. Sign up below for my newsletter and you’ll receive access to the Super Secret Moonglow Grimoire, which includes a downloadable PDF Crystal Profile Grimoire Page Template!

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