Using Pressed Flowers for Magick

A few weeks ago I shared a post about pressing flowers at the summer solstice as a way to preserve the joyful spirit of this season all through the year. At the time, I was pressing some flowers from my friend’s bridal bouquet, and promised to share the finished results at a later date.

Using Pressed Flowers for Magick | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

It’s been a bit longer than I intended but I’m finally here to share the finished product! I pressed astilbe, freesia, hydrangea, ranunculus and scabiosa. I was a little worried they might not turn out well as white flowers tend to turn yellow when pressed but for the most part they came out pretty nice.

I used modpodge to adhere the pressed flowers to heavy linen-textured paper and placed the paper in the top and bottom segments of a picture frame. I’m leaving the two center segments open so my friend can put in some of her favorite photos from the wedding.

Using Pressed Flowers for Magick | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

When we talk about herbalism in witchcraft, we are usually talking about healing in some way, whether it be creating teas or tinctures, diffusing essential oils or smoke cleansing. I think it’s important to remember that sometimes just the presence of plants can have a magickal effect too though. Having grown up in a flower shop, I know how powerful fresh cut flowers can be. How they can lift your spirits and ease trauma.

Pressed and dried flowers can operate in the same way, especially if they have special significance (as in my friend’s bridal bouquet) or are chosen for their magickal correspondences. This is also a great way to use flowers and herbs that aren’t acceptable for consumption but that have powerful magickal associations, like belladonna.

Have you ever used pressed flowers for magick before? Share in the comments!

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