Review: Mystic Muse Subscription Box (July 2017)

A few weeks ago, Cratejoy reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing a few witch-themed subscription boxes. I was honored and excited to say yes! Over the next few months, I’ll be reviewing one box per month and sharing with all of you my thoughts on the boxes’ quality, originality and value.

Please Note: I received the items described in this review for free in exchange for a review but all opinions expressed are my own. 

The first subscription box I have received is from Mystic Muse. This box is intended to “supply today’s goddess with the essential tools needed for reflection and growth on her journey toward enlightenment”. The monthly box costs $45.00, including free shipping in the Continental U.S., and is valued for at least $65.00.

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Included in this month’s box are:

  • Amethyst Point
  • Alchemy Patch
  • California Blue Sage Bundle
  • Deep Detox Bath Soak, from Goodnight Darling Co.
  • Energize + Citrine Gem Juice, from Love by Luna
  • Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask, from Palmetto Derma
  • Diffuser Bracelet, from Katie Leigh


First, I want to talk about the quality of this box. I really like the brochure that’s included – it gives just enough information to get me excited but not so much that I feel like I’m wading through an esoteric novel. It’s also printed on really high quality paper stock and with nice, modern graphics. I also like that most of the items listed in the brochure are associated with a particular element (air, earth, fire or water), giving it a particularly magickal edge.

The Energize + Citrine gem juice roller ball did leak but it was sealed in bubble wrap so it didn’t affect any other items in the box. It was probably a good cautionary tale to keep me from throwing this item in my purse and having it leak everywhere!

Unfortunately, there are quite a few typos in the brochure which is a major count against it for me. There is also one other issue, and that is that the handout claims the box includes a “Diffuser Bracelet in Onyx” when in fact, the diffuser bracelet included has a pinkish-white stone instead of onyx. I realize sometimes boxes run out of the original item but if that’s the case, the handout should have included a separate sheet with updated information, as I’d really like to know what the actual stone in the bracelet is!

Overall, despite the attention-to-details issues, I’m rating the quality of this subscription box at five stars. The items included seem carefully and thoughtfully chosen, and are certainly of high quality on an individual basis.


Although this box is beautifully curated, it’s not the most original collection. Amethyst is one of my all-time favorite crystals so I’m definitely stoked to have a new one to add to my collection, but it’s also one of the most common and inexpensive crystals, meaning I can find it just about anywhere.

review of mystic muse box

The included sage bundle also isn’t very original. Sage bundles for smudging, or smoke cleansing, are perhaps the single most common herbal tool in any metaphysical shop. With that said, I am very happy that this box is including a California Blue Sage bundle, as opposed to the more commonly considered “spiritual” white sage, as white sage is endangered. This choice demonstrates a certain amount of deliberate and enlightened thought which I appreciate.

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The other items in the box are more creative. I love the citrine-infused roller ball, which includes ginger, bergamot, blood orange and black pepper essential oils in coconut carrier oil. It smells divine and I love the thoughtfulness that clearly went into its creation.

I was pretty excited about the diffuser bracelet, which I’m looking forward to trying out! I am getting more into essential oils and have been wanting to try one of these so I’m going to wear it later for date night with a few drops of Young Living Sensation blend on it. (wink!)

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The alchemy patch is really fun, and perhaps the most original item in the box. The patch is black and is decorated with gold alchemy symbols. I have no idea what I’m going to put it on, but maybe this is the excuse I need to buy a new denim jacket!

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Lastly, we have the Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask from Palmetto Derma, by far the most expensive item included in the box, and the bath soak from Goodnight Darling Co., which includes Dead Sea salt, rose petals and Himalayan pink salt infused with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. Both smell great so I decided to do a little spa evening at home to try them out.

The bath soak instructed me to toss the salts under the faucet before dispersing throughout the tub. I’m not really big on full body baths but I love foot baths so I ran a handful of the salts under the kitchen sink faucet and filled up my foot bath tub. While I let the water cool down a bit, I lit the sage bundle to really complete the experience.

Setting my feet in the tub, I applied the face mask as directed and settled in to relax. The brochure assured me I would “love the cooling effect as it works its magic” and I definitely did! The mask really soaked in and felt so cooling and soothing. Both the bath salts and mask smelled amazing, especially when combined with the burning sage.

When it was time, I dried my feet and wiped off the mask with a damp cloth. The mask left my skin quite a bit redder than I anticipated but I may have left it on a little longer than I was supposed to. I took a cool shower and felt great after!

Overall, I’m rating the originality of this box at only three stars. Although I really enjoyed all of the items included and look forward to using them more, many of the items are pretty general for the cost of the box. Those of us who actively practice witchcraft are not going to be really excited about amethyst or sage bundles or even bath salts. These items are really enjoyable for me, personally, but I don’t know if they are unusual enough to entice a lot of witches to buy the box as a whole.


The total value of these items, according to the brochure included in the box, is $112.50, over half of which is due to the Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask, which is valued at $64.00. I have read some reviews of this box in which customers thought it was too expensive and not actually valued at what the creators claim it is, but I disagree with that. Although, yes, this subscription box is more expensive than some, I did look up the actual values of each of the items and they are accurate. Some of the items can be found for less on discount websites but obviously that shouldn’t be considered in the official value.

I am rating the value of the box at four stars, as several of the items in the Mystic Muse box add up to more than the total amount being charged for it, let alone all of the other things included. However, the box is still fairly expensive on its own, so I think a lot of budget-conscious witches would probably be dismayed at the relatively few number of items included for the cost.


The Witch of Lupine Hollow's rating of Mystic Muse Subscription box July 2017

Despite the somewhat lack of originality, I really like this box. It’s beautifully put together and includes some fun things I’ve been wanting to try or probably wouldn’t have bought for myself.

Have you purchased Mystic Muse yet? What did you think of your July box? In addition to Mystic Muse, Cratejoy also carries many other witchy and pagan-themed subscription boxes. Even if you aren’t interested in this one, check out their website and see if something strikes your fancy.

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