Creating Your Grimoire Manuscript: Grimoire Planning for the Editorial Witch

Guest Post by Snow Orchid of The Magickal Life of the Snow Orchid Witch

Every witch wants a grimoire that is a complete, well-rounded reflection of who they are and their practice. My first grimoire left a lot to be desired. It felt like a glorified notebook of all the basic information I had come across in my witchy library but held no real connection to me as a person. Something about it just felt- stale. It’s no wonder I hardly ever used it and allowed water damage to create mold throughout its pages, which sent a very clear message from the Universe that my practice hit a standstill and had become a bit musty. As a young woman leaving her twenties and entering her thirties, a lot had changed not only in my Craft but in my life as well.

Crafting Your Grimoire Manuscript: Grimoire Planning for the Editorial Witch | The Witch of Lupine Hollow and Snow Orchid Witch

This has prompted me to get back to basics with my practice and rediscover its fundamentals with a fresh pair of studious eyes. In my Collegiate Witch series, I chronicle this magickal academic journey with fun, interesting assignments and activities to really soak in the information and discover my individual thoughts on the subject matter. At the end of each academic semester, a term paper is written to describe what I’ve learned from my own personal perspective, which will then be used as literary content to create its own Grimoire page.

Crafting each Grimoire page is essentially- the Final Exam. I scoured the internet looking for various grimoire, Book of Shadows and art journaling prompts & crafts. If you’re interested in some unique ideas, check out the amazing BOS prompt videos of Molly Roberts-Her Speak and Samantha Valens on YouTube. Choose your favorites and determine how you’d like to implement them in your book.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when crafting a Grimoire page:

  1. What will the layout be? Do you want the layout to look like a novel, an encyclopedia, a textbook, a magazine, a children’s book?
  2. Will you hand write everything onto the page or do you prefer to paste a printed copy onto your grimoire?
  3. Will the pages be tea or coffee stained and if so, what kind of tea or coffee will you be using? What magickal properties do they possess?
  4. How can you imbue the pages with more magickal energy? Will you be using moon water or gem elixir water to tea-stain the pages or paint with watercolors?
  5. Will you burn the edges of the page or add burn holes? If so, how will that affect the back of the page?
  6. What arts or crafts will you use to mirror the theme of what you’ve written for the page?
  7. Do you like interactive pages like pop-ups or foldout pages?
  8. What kind of art medium represents the subject matter of that page? For example: use charcoal pencils for a page discussing Shadow Work or fire spells.
  9. Do you want to add hermal mixtures to your pages or attach thin herbal sachets to record special mixtures?
  10. Create a secret page that holds only your deepest, darkest, most personal magick.

As a hyper-organized individual I’ve elected to create a manuscript of my grimoire before actually assembling its pages. Like a magazine editor, I go through with my red ball-point pen and note my plans for each page on plain printed copies of the content. This way I’m able to move things around as I like. I then use a plain binder to organize the page order and sticky notes to mark that order in my actual grimoire.

Crafting Your Grimoire Manuscript: Grimoire Planning for the Editorial Witch | The Witch of Lupine Hollow and Snow Orchid Witch

As I’ve said before, this is a very detailed, organized approach to creating one’s grimoire- which is exactly the type of witch I am. If you find that this doesn’t fit who you are as a witch, scrap the academic and editorial approach. Perhaps, you’re more of a chaotic witch and prefer a grimoire that reflects the beautiful randomness of your practice. Go with your intuition. Have fun with it. Make it 100% authentically you!

I hope this has given you some inspiration and ideas to create your own authentic and unique Grimoire. If you’re interested in the Collegiate Witch series, you’re welcome to join me on this journey and become part of my Collegiate Witch Study Group!


Blessed Be!


The Snow Orchid Witch



5 thoughts on “Creating Your Grimoire Manuscript: Grimoire Planning for the Editorial Witch

  1. This is a great idea. Being able to find things in my book is really important to me since it’s less of a creative project for me than a convenient place to put correspondences and ideas for future reference.
    Have you seen those soft leather binders? I feel like that would be a really cool way to use this approach but keep a kind of arcane vibe.


  2. How do we join the collegiate witch study group? This is definitely the kind of witch I am. Lots of planning and reflection and research.


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