How to Bless or Dedicate Your Grimoire

Now that the Complete Guide to Grimoires series about the four volumes I use in my own grimoire system is finished, I thought I would expand on some of the details of creating and maintaining a grimoire. I’ve mentioned before that it’s important to bless or dedicate a book that you plan to use as your grimoire to elevate it somewhat above any other journal. The first page of your grimoire usually acts as the blessing or dedication page, just as it would in most other types of books. Today I’m sharing with you five ways you can bless your own grimoire!

How to Bless or Dedicate Your Grimoire - read more at The Witch of Lupine Hollow!
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Your Favorite Poem

This is how I bless my own grimoire volumes.

Choose a favorite poem that is somehow related to your spiritual practice or the function of the book.

Record the poem in its entirety on the first page of the grimoire in neat, careful handwriting.

Most of my grimoires use this method of dedication, featuring poems by Emily Dickinson, Rumi and others.

Write A Poem

Alternatively, you could write your own original poem to record on the first page of your grimoire.

If you go this route, I would recommend writing the poem on a separate piece of paper to get it just right before you record it in your actual grimoire.


Cultural Blessing

This type of blessing is a great way to bring outside traditions to your grimoire. If you follow a Wiccan path, you might want to record the Wiccan Rede

on the first page of your grimoire. Or, perhaps there is a traditional blessing found in your native culture that you could utilize.

Protection Spell

You could create a spell to record on your grimoire dedication page in order to protect it.

This could be three to four brief lines, perhaps accompanied by a pressed protection herb such as geranium or mint.

Sigils & Symbols

Your grimoire blessing doesn’t have to be made up of only words either! There are many sigils and symbols that are considered to be protective that you could draw on the page as well. Consider drawing a pentacle, pentagram or alchemical symbols.


In addition to creating a dedication page, you can also bless your grimoire with other tools. Smudge the book with sage or cedar incense or charge it under the full moon. Any way you would bless other items can be used on your grimoire too.


What manner of blessing did you use on your own grimoire?

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