What Do Modern Witches Wear?

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the contrasts between the ideal witch “aesthetic” and the modern reality of most of our lives. It occurred to me that this doesn’t just apply to our homes (in the apartment complex vs. thatched roofed cottage conundrum). It also applies to what witches are expected to look like.

We all know there are as many different looks as there are witches, yet when you say you are a witch, odds are you’re going to be asked if you wear a pointy hat.

So I thought for today, I’d share a few different looks that I think embody my personal witchy style. I’m all about the floral pattern, the flowy skirt and the lacy top. As a witch, what’s your personal style?

6 thoughts on “What Do Modern Witches Wear?

  1. Outwardly, no one would ever think I’m a witch. I have a very classic style, lots of grey and minimal design, quite preppy I suppose. I do like a bit of lace on occasion though. I always wear my moonstone bracelet which connects me to my faith


  2. I only dress “witchy” when I am doing a ritual…I have a robe/shawl and my witches’ rosary that I wear. I’m crocheting myself a pair of “fairy cuffs” too. The rest of the time, I’m just standard jeans and a top. LOL No one would think I was a witch either, although if they went through my pockets they’d find my little pouches of crystals!


  3. Like your choices. I happen to like my “broomstick shirts” Victorian style shirts or peasent blouses boots, moccasins, or no shoes at all. I also like my long capes, with or without the hood. Colors I usually like earth tones, but have added bright colors to my wardrobe. I am not into prints except as accent colors.


  4. Some of my friends say I have hippie fashion. The drape sleeves, and tunic tops. Recently I’ve started to wear a black wide brim felt hat as shade because California sunshine can be a little harsh, and sort of as my own personal joke. It’s my black pointy hat, minus the point. A little more acceptable all year around, but I still feel just as magical with it on!


  5. Blessed Be. I personally feel that clothes don’t make a witch. Granted there are people who like to wear clothes that express their beliefs on a daily basis, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. From years of experience in the Craft, I prefer to be clandestine; especially when I am out and about in public. I don’t feel the need to advertise my beliefs through my clothes, but more, rather, through my behavior. Words, deeds, thoughts, actions. When I do choose to wear (or not wear) ‘witchy’ clothes, it is strictly for magical/ritual purposes. The old school Crafters’ felt that putting on different, i.e. ‘witchy’ clothing helped change one’s persona and consciousness, readying oneself in the transition from the everyday to the magical as we prepared to step into sacred space.


  6. I do think that every witch is powerful enough to wear what they want. No need to be a stereotype! The important thing is to feel ourself, and connected. Personally, I’m not a “black” witch, but it’s the color I wear all the time. I feel comfortable like that, and for me, it’s like having all the colors concentrated at once. Love and connection, sisters.


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