The Complete Guide to Grimoires: Part 4

At long last, the fourth and final part of the Complete Guide to Grimoires! In addition to my Practical, Chronicle and Essence Grimoires, I also keep a Lunar Grimoire. In this book, I record my new and full moon rituals and reflect on what I’ve accomplished or how I’ve grown since the last phase.

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I covered some of what I use my Lunar Grimoire for in the How to Track the Moon Phases post and you can download the corresponding grimoire page template by signing up for my newsletter. I’m going to go more in depth here though!

First, I record important basic information including:

  • Date and day of the week
  • Moon phase: I really only record at the new and full moons but you could easily record your activities at the quarter moons as well.
  • Weather: Although the weather does not hinder the energies of the moon phase, I like to record it for posterity’s sake.
  • Astrological sign: The sign the moon is transiting in during that phase.
  • Energies and themes: The thoughts, feelings and associations this moon phase in this particular sign are bringing up and what they are connected to.
  • Special phases: I also record if it is a special astronomical event, such as a blue moon (the second full moon in a month), a black moon (the second new moon in a month) or an eclipse. If the phase happens to fall on a sabbat, I also record that.

Then I record the tools I will be using:

  • Any and all candles, including scent and color
  • Crystals
  • Incense type and scent
  • Essential oil diffused (usually I use incense or essential oils, not both)
  • Specific tarot or oracle deck
  • Any tools used for a spell, such as jars, herbs or sachets

Finally, I record any items I am charging under this moon, whether they be crystals, tarot or oracle decks or other items. I also write down the ingredients of whichever tea blend I am drinking during my ritual. Occasionally I will have white wine instead of tea during a ritual so in that case, I would record the varietal instead of ingredients.

Now it’s time for the fun part!

I keep a running log during my ritual of each of my activities. It’s important for me to write things down as I’m doing them instead of beforehand in case I change my mind about anything. Usually, my ritual activities consist of 10-15 minutes of yoga moon salutations followed by a guided meditation and a reading. Depending on the sign and situation, I might also be casting a spell or something else like a foot bath.

Finally, as the final step of my ritual, I do a reflection. Usually, this is a reflection on what has occurred in my life and what I’ve learned since the new or full moon was last in this same astrological sign. For example, if I am doing a ritual tonight at the New Moon in Gemini, then I’m going to reflect back approximately six months to the last time the Full Moon was in Gemini.

This is a wonderful way to check in with yourself and notice how much has changed and how quickly. I’m always amazed at how much has happened in the six months since the last sign! It’s also great for tracking progress on intentions you’ve set or spells you’ve cast.


Do you keep a record of your moon rituals and, if so, what information do you like to write down?

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