Adult Coloring Ritual for Grounding Yourself

This might be obnoxious of me, but I’m a big fan of the adult coloring trend. When I was a little kid, my mom passed on a tradition to me that her mother had started when she was young. Whenever I was sick and home from school, my mom would buy me a new coloring book and a new box of crayons and we would spend all day coloring together. It’s one of my fondest memories, so when adult coloring books started to appear everywhere, I was psyched.

Adult Coloring Ritual for Grounding Yourself | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

There’s all sorts of theories about how coloring can reduce stress and help adults feel more grounded and centered. If you’re not into coloring, I totally get it. It’s super trendy but it’s not for everyone.

If you’re like me, however, and you really do enjoy sitting down with a box of fine tip markers, and find that the experience really is calming, then read on. I was thinking about rituals that can incorporate non-traditional or non-woo-woo activities and coloring popped into my head first thing. Since it is such a popular trend, and it is linked to some of the same desired feelings as meditation, I thought this would be really fun!

Tools and Supplies Needed:

  • Coloring book page
  • Colored crayons, pencils or markers
  • Rose quartz

Begin by laying your supplies around you. Sit at a table or other flat surface and place the coloring book page directly in front of you. I recommend pulling the page you want to work on out of the book it came in if possible to avoid distractions. Open your box of crayons or line up your pencils or markers next to you so that all of your colors are within easy reach.

Place the rose quartz crystal on top of the uncolored page. Hold your hands above the crystal and close your eyes. Imagine pink light emanating from the crystal to encompass first the page and then you.

When you are ready, set the rose quartz above the page and begin to color however feels right. You might want to be methodical or you might be drawn to a more energetic strategy.

If you have a particular intention you want to meditate on while you color, you may want to use colors that correspond to that intention. For example, if you’re hoping to tap into your intuition, you might use purple, or if you’re hoping to attract greater joy into your life, you might use orange.

If you do not have time to finish the page completely, create a safe space for it on your altar and leave it with the rose quartz sitting on top to protect it and the intentions you are infusing the page with.

When the page is done, you might consider one of the following options:

  • Frame it and hang it in your home.
  • Burn it to release your intentions into the universe.
  • Fold it and carefully tuck it into a book or somewhere on your altar to keep it protected and close by.

dividerHow do you feel about coloring? Does this ritual sound like one you would enjoy?


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