How to Track Your Magick Spells + Free Grimoire Page Template

It can be all to easy to put a problem entirely out of your mind after you have cast a spell to assist with it. We’ve discussed before how it’s important to take action towards your goals as well as casting spells regarding them; a spell without action behind it is just a collection of herbs, crystals and candles.

How to Track Your Magick Spells + A Free Grimoire Template! | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Today we’re talking about another important element of spellcasting: tracking your spells. If you cast a spell and then set it aside without ever following up on it, you may not even notice whether or not it worked.

Tracking spells is helpful to see your rate of success and also for future reference, so you can tweak and alter spells to be more successful. If you know what you’ve done in the past and how well it worked, you are better informed for future spells you will create.

The main elements of a spell I find it important to track are:

  • Date the spell was performed
  • Astrological sign the moon was in when the spell was performed
    • You could also track other astrological information, such as the sun sign and moon mansion.
  • Tools and supplies used in the spell
  • Books and sources you referenced when creating the spell
  • Step by step instructions of exactly how you performed the spell

Then, as days, weeks or months go by, depending on the magnitude of the spell and the problem you are trying to solve, record your results. Maybe set a calendar alert for yourself to write down once a week how you feel the spell is turning out. When you feel the spell is complete, or if you feel it has failed, record that information as well.


To help you record your spells and keep track of their results, I’ve put together another free grimoire page template for just that purpose! Sign up below to receive this template for free, as well as crystal profile, herbal profile and moon phase tracking templates. You can also opt-in for my new and full moon newsletters!

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