Beltane Ritual for Sensuality

We’ve discussed it before: Beltane is all about sensuality. It’s one of the most potently sexual of the sabbats as this is the time when the flowers blossom, the air gets warmer and the seeds planted at Imbolc and Ostara come to fruition. Some Wiccans celebrate with the Great Rite, a metaphorical or literal sex ritual.

Beltane Ritual for Sensuality

I’m taking the opportunity for a little sensual self-care. Sensuality can mean sex, sure. But we can also feel sensual while savoring luxurious sensory experiences. For this ritual I’m focusing on scent, taste and touch.

Tools and Supplies

White or pink candles

Green calcite and/or rose quartz

Foot soaking tub

Epsom salts

Warm water

Fresh flowers, essential oils or other additives



White wine



Set up the foot tub outside with a small table nearby. On the the table, arrange a small Beltane altar of white or pink 

candles, crystals such as green calcite and rose quartz, and any other items you’d like to use. Light the candles. Set up your glass of wine and a small bowl of sliced strawberries drizzled in honey.

Fold the towel neatly so it is within reach and place the lotion with it.

Sprinkle the Epsom salts into the foot tub and pour the warm water over them. Add in any flowers or oils you enjoy the scent of.

Submerge your feet in the warm water and relax. Sip the wine and slowly savor the strawberries. You might also use this time to do a tarot reading or other seated activity.

When you ready, lift your feet from the tub and dry them off. Taking your time, rub lotion into your feet, paying attention to the pleasure it gives you. (This is even better if you have someone to rub your feet for you!)

How are you celebrating this Beltane?

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