Storm Magick and Following the Lunar Cycle

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I’ve had several people ask me recently about the moon on cloudy days. Can you still do a moon ritual, even if the moon is behind clouds? What if it’s raining? This is a pretty common question, so I thought I’d answer it on the blog. Of course, today is the new moon so we can’t see it anyways, but I wanted to share this information while we’re still in the rainy spring season!

Storm Magick and Following the Lunar Cycle | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

First, the basic answer: YES! You can do a moon ritual anywhere, anytime. Believe it or not, I actually can’t see the moon at all from where I do my rituals. My altar faces pretty much northeast and when the moon is full, it rises completely on the other side of my house. If I get on the bed and peek around the neighbor’s porch, I can just barely see it.

The caveat is, of course, your moon ritual is probably going to feel more powerful and connected if you can see the moon. Certainly, if there was a way I could reconfigure my house to face the full moon, I would! But unless you’re blessed with perfectly positioned windows or maybe an especially warm night where you can be outside, you might be hindered from seeing the moon even on clear days.

And that’s perfectly okay.

Now, for the slightly more complicated answer. Yes, you can do a moon ritual whether or not you can see the moon, and no matter what the weather is. But you might want to take the weather into consideration, especially if you’re going to be casting spells!

Storm magick can be incredibly powerful, especially when joined with an appropriate lunar phase. Crashing thunderstorms and torrential downpours lend magick their own special kind of power. These are times when the air is charged with electricity and nature is at her most ferocious.

If you are doing any kind of magick, it’s likely to be affected by these powerful circumstances. If that magick is also aligned with the moon phase, it’s going to be all the more so.

For example, a spell to banish negativity from your life is going to be far more powerful at the waning moon than at the new moon, given the energies of each phase. A waning moon spell to banish negativity from your life, performed during a thunderstorm, is going to pack a major punch.

Hope this answers some of the questions out there on this topic! If ever you have questions about things you see on the blog, whether it be the moon, tea, crystals or grimoires, always feel free to drop me an email or comment. I love hearing from you!

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