How to Decorate for Beltane

I can’t believe it but Beltane is already fast-approaching. 2017 is just whipping by me! Beltane marks the beginning of summer; although the summer solstice does not occur for another six weeks after Beltane, the first of May is when we start to notice the days get significantly warmer and our gardens begin to blossom in full.

Traditionally, Beltane is associated with fertility. While Ostara is also associated with fertility, you might think of Ostara as the seedling phase and Beltane as the blossoming phase. At Beltane, the earth is alive with color, growth and potential. Beltane is often also associated with sexual fertility and some witchcraft traditions practice sexual rituals at this time.

As there are so many fun ideas out there, I thought I would do an Instagram roundup to share a few ideas for decorating at Beltane.

  1. First and foremost, make sure to bring some flowers into the house! Whether you snip them out of your own garden or buy them at the store, Beltane is all about blossoms.

2. Beltane is a fire festival so candles are a must. Candles shaped like flowers are even better!

3. An outdoor altar is perfect for Beltane. Sit on the grass, spread out your candles, cards and sage and spend some time connecting with the earth.

4. Decorate yourself! Just as we dance and braid ribbons around the traditional May Pole, braid ribbons into your hair to celebrate the special day.

5. Speaking of the May Pole, even if your town doesn’t have an elaborate medieval set up like this one, you can still build a small-scale version for your garden or even a table top.


How are you decorating for Beltane this year?

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