Practical Magick for Modern Witches Online Course

Practical Magick for Modern Witches online courseAnnouncing the Lavender + Lupine School of Magick! I’m joining forces with Dana of Lavender Moon to offer a brand new course all about helping modern witches connect with their practice.
Practical Magick for Modern Witches is a six-part course with content focusing on:
  • Modern sacred spaces
  • Kitchen magick
  • Connecting with nature in an urban setting
  • Practicing spells and magick
  • Modern meanings of the Sabbats
  • Grimoires
Each section features at least three lessons on everything from altars to crystals to gardening (no matter how small your patio or apartment balcony may be), all with a contemporary, urban focus. You’ll also find videos, quizzes and journal prompts to guide you through the course. Both of us have contributed half of the course content so you’ll find the perspectives of two witches with differing but complementary modern practices.
The course officially opens on the New Moon on April 25, 2017 and will be $45.00 for unlimited lifetime access. Pre-register NOW and you’ll receive 15% off the cover price! (Please note: You will not have access to the course content until April 25.)
We can’t wait to work with our fellow modern witches – see you in class!

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