How to Track the Moon Phases + A Free Grimoire Template

Journaling and recording information in my grimoire is a huge part of my practice. Writing things down so they are cemented in my mind and so I can refer back to them has always been a habit of mine in both mundane and magickal situations. Recently, I’ve shared posts on how I record herbs and crystals in my grimoire. Today, we’re talking about tracking the moon phases in your grimoire which is a wonderful way to track not only the energies of the moon but also how those phases affect your own life.

How to Track the Moon Phases + A Free Grimoire Template | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

This is not a one-and-done process and does require some dedication. But setting aside even five or ten minutes just to write down what you know about the current moon phase and how you’re feeling can give you powerful insight.

This grimoire template includes sections for:

  • Moon phase
  • Date
  • Astrological sign
  • Moon mansion
  • Tools used in ritual
  • Items charged under the moon
  • Energies of the moon in this sign and phase
  • Your physical, mental and emotional state
  • Reflection on how you’ve grown since the new or full moon was last in this sign

It’s important to have an accurate moon phase tracking program so you can check which phase, sign and mansion the moon is in. I recommend the Phases of the Moon app or iLuna. Both of these are reliable and have user-friendly interfaces.

The template is primarily designed for use during new and full moon rituals but could easily also be used for a daily chronicle of the moon. Though you might not use ritual tools or charge items every single day, the moon does pass through various phases, astrological signs and mansions throughout the month. Though the new and full moons are the most powerful phases, the waxing and waning phases are those we live with most of the time. They are the “everyday” phases of the moon and tracking them can provide incredible insight into the tides of your moods and desires.

Although the sections are largest for recording the energies of the phase and your physical, mental and emotional state, perhaps the most important part of the template is the space for reflection. (And in fact, if there is not enough room on the template for this, feel free to write on the back of the page as well). It is one thing to record how you’re feeling at each moon phase; it is another thing entirely to be able to refer back to how you were feeling when the new or full moon was last in this sign and compare it to your current feelings.

For example, this coming Tuesday’s full moon is in Libra, the sign of balance and partnership. Last September, approximately six months ago, the new moon was in Libra. Think about how you were feeling in late September. What was going on in your life? Were you emotional? In love? Angry? Sad? Now think about everything that has happened since then and how you’ve grown. What have you learned? What more do you need to learn or accept?

Write it all down. Being able to refer back to your thoughts and feelings at a particular moon phase or in a particular sign is an incredible experience that can help you understand yourself and your relationship to the moon in new and wonderful ways.


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4 thoughts on “How to Track the Moon Phases + A Free Grimoire Template

  1. I just have a quick question about the moon mansions… Does it matter which version we use?? There are a few different ones out there and I’m new to the Moon Mansions and don’t really understand how to read them all. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you


    1. That kind of depends! What versions are you looking at? The most authentic are the original Arabic which can be difficult to understand and apply to daily life but at least you have the opportunity to interpret them for yourself. Is there a particular book you’re looking at?


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