What Kind of Witch Are You Quiz

Given the popularity of my post, 5 Steps to Figure Out What Kind of Witch You Are, I’ve gathered that determining the answer to this question is forefront in many new witches’ minds. It’s understandable: with all the myriad of options out there, it can be overwhelming to find your path. That’s why I’ve created this fun little quiz to help you find out what kind of witch you are!

What Kind of Witch Are You? Take this quiz to find out!

Your result should in no way determine the path you take in your magickal and spiritual life but hopefully it will provide some fun insight into who you are as a witch.

Just click here to take the quiz now! Then comment below and tell me what you think of your result.


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26 thoughts on “What Kind of Witch Are You Quiz

  1. Ooh, I got cottage witch! That’s accurate, actually – I’ve taken so much more of an interest in domestic activities since moving into an actual house, and now I feel like it’s my sanctuary, haha! ❀


  2. I got Hedge Witch and it is absolutely spot on. Having just restarted this love of witchcraft, if you will, I’ve been asking for guidance through nature recently to help me with my spirituality. So I wasso shocked by the results! Thank you!


      1. I wouldn’t love that! I’m very new-new but I know a bit and I’m absorbing all I can! Your site it wonderful. 😍


  3. I loved the quiz! I retook it a few times, like the Gemini that I am with my varying interests but what was most constant was the Cottage Witch. I am really new to witchcraft and I’m learning little by little. All I know is I’m very excited to experience the journey, I finally feel like something inside me woke up. Thank You for the site, its really wonderful for a person like me 😊


  4. I got Sea Witch, which is accurate since I feel a strong connection to water (I’ve practiced swimming for about 12 years, and I’m 17, and two of my favorite things are listening to waterfalls and watching Bill Viola’s video such as Tristan’s Ascension), but my worst fear is open water haha (I’m afraid to drown into the abyss, how silly is that, considering that I’m a very good swimmer)
    I think I’m more of a River Witch or something like that, if that even exists, but that was close enough πŸ™‚
    Also, I just discovered your website and I absolutely love it, keep up the good work !


  5. Greetings! I just took the quiz and it turns out that I am a Hedge witch, as well! That being said, I am a crone that has been a solitary practioner for years. I have just retired from my other life job and in the past 40+ years I have been both a registered nurse and a Kindergarten teacher. I have used the Craft in my dealings with the adults and the children in my care. I have never felt moved to join a coven due to time constraints and also because I have enough of other sometimes crazy humans that when I am on me time, I just want Nature and grounding. I use magick to protect myself from harm and do a daily tarot card draw for divination. Now that I am on my own, more or less, I spend a little time looking at what other witches do and think about the issues that are important to me. Although, the media is a very interesting place for us in this time, is it not? So thank you for reading this and I look forward to following your blog. Blessed Be.


  6. I got Wild Witch. It makes sense. I am most alive in nature. I could be in my garden always. I feel a deep connection with animals also. Cooking is huge for me as well. Natural elements like crystals, feathers and the scent of white fir is heavenly!


  7. I got cottage/hearth witch, which is fairly accurate, although some of the questions I could have answered with 2 answers because I love cooking for my family, I used to be a complementary therapist, especially into aromatherapy and I used to teach horticulture many years ago and I was a librarian.
    So I guess I am a bit of a mixture, so probably that is right. Despite being in my 60s I am just starting out so am finding your pages very useful. My husband died in Jan so all the research I am doing about Wicca etc is filling a large hole and keeping me sane. Am moving to a Cornish cottage in about 3 weeks and cannot wait to put a lot of what I now know into practice in my new home.


  8. I got Wild Witch. It suits me. I’ve dreamt of living in the woods since I was a child. I had planned on Yosemite as my home grounds during my teen years. I also lean toward Cottage Witch given my love of cooking and taking care of the family. I’ll be retiring in 6 weeks and we plan to move from our home in California to a more woodsy area like Tennessee (after a six month dream vacation in Edinburgh). Thank you for the quiz. It was remarkably accurate.


  9. I got wild witch, being a very new witch, I wasn’t sure what the result would be, but it makes sense really , I have to be out in nature as often as possible and feel so alive in the woods and am always picking up fallen acorns etc


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