Spring Equinox Ritual for Balance

We have a very auspicious event tomorrow… the spring equinox and the waning quarter moon on the same day! Reminds me of the incredible summer solstice full moon last year. Although I haven’t written much about quarter moons on the blog, they are an interesting astrological event where the sun and moon square each other, creating tension but also balance, as exactly half of the moon’s face is illuminated.

In a very similar fashion, the spring equinox is when daylight hours and nighttime hours mirror each other Рday and night are approximately the same length at the equinox. The sun also rises exactly due East and sets exactly due West. This is why the energies of the spring equinox, or Ostara, are all about balance and equality, as well as growth and fertility.

So we have two natural events, both focused on creating balance, occurring at exactly the same time. Magickal, no?

Spring Equinox Ritual for Balance | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Today’s ritual is all about honoring that natural balance and creating balance in our own lives.

Tools and Supplies Needed:

  • 2-5 small plants
  • Decorative pots
  • Pen and paper

Spend about ten minutes quieting your mind. Yoga sun salutations are a great way to warm up the body and quiet the mind for ritual but you could also meditate in a cross-legged position or take a hot bath.

Free write for a few minutes about every area of your life. Work, home, school, romance, friends, spirituality. When you feel you’ve poured out everything you need to, look over what you’ve written. Are there certain areas you’ve written a lot more or less about than others? This is a great way to see which areas of your life you need to find more balance in.

Think about the physical spaces you spend the most time in, like your bedroom, office or kitchen. Choose a decorative pot for each space, (think nightstand, desk, kitchen window). Think about each space and the ways in which you feel balanced or unbalanced there as you transfer one of the plants into the pot you’ve chosen for that space. These do not have to be large plants – the tiniest succulent will do if you don’t have much room.

Carefully clear the area around where each plant will live. You might even want to smudge each area or burn incense there before placing the plants in their new homes.

Each time you look at the individual plants, think about the others they are connected to in your other spaces. Do not get so consumed by career that you neglect your relationships; do not get so consumed by the day-to-day housekeeping that you neglect your spirituality. Each area of our lives is interconnected with the others and the spring equinox is the perfect time to visualize where we can make those connections stronger and where we need to separate a bit.


How are you celebrating the spring equinox?