Crystal Profiles for Your Grimoire + A Free Template

A few weeks back we talked about listing information about herbs in your grimoire. It is so helpful to have a practical reference of the information you need most often and that you are most interested in. Although we all have our favorite witchy books we like to refer to, having your own information written in a way that suits your practice is invaluable.

This applies to more than just herbs but rather to every aspect of your practice. Anything you find yourself frequently turning to books or the internet to look up, just might deserve a place of honor in your grimoire. Crystals, moon phases, feathers, palm reading, tea practices (blending, tasseography). Anything you work with regularly and need to refer to.

Crystal Profiles for Your Grimoire + A Free Template! | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Although I don’t work as extensively with crystals as some witches and healers do, I do have a decent collection and like to use them for meditation and spellwork. In order to keep track of my collection of crystals, I have a crystal directory in my grimoire that lists pertinent information about each stone. Just as in my herbal profiles, some of this information is scientific and some is magickal. The primary information I list includes:



Habitat (what region in the world it is found)


Mohs scale (hardness



Planetary Ruler

Astrological Sign(s)

Magickal and Healing Properties

Other information you might include depending on your uses include further scientific inquiry about the shape and structure of the crystal or how it is formed. You could also include other magickal information such as whether or not it is safe to make gem elixirs with this crystal or which chakra it aligns with.

Free Resources

I’ve put together a crystal profile grimoire page template that lets you easily write in all of this basic information.

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For more information on working with crystals, click here for The Modern Witch’s Guide to Crystal Magick and Healing!




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