How to Make Flower Crowns for Ostara

Flower crowns are an age-old tradition: medieval maidens loved them, 1970s hippies loved them, Snapchatting millenials love them. Making flower crowns is a really fun way to celebrate Ostara, the spring equinox and any other springtime holidays.

How to Make Flower Crowns for Ostara

Wearing flowers is a wonderful way to connect with the season and to adorn ourselves in natural ways. Adornment is often a part of pagan spiritual practice as it not only helps us to feel good about ourselves and confident but also means we carry a small piece of our beliefs with us, whether that be a pentacle necklace, a sigil tattoo or a spring flower crown.

This is a great project to do with kids or gather a group of girlfriends for wine, flower crowns and a little magick! Although these instructions are for silk flowers, you can easily follow them with real or dried flowers as well. Either way, choose flowers that are seasonal to spring such as hydrangea, roses, tulips or carnations.



3-5 stems of silk flowers

Sturdy piece of wire

Floral tape

Needle nose pliers

Wire cutters


Thin ribbon


Cut all of the blossoms from the plastic stems with the wire cutters.

Curl either end of the wire in on itself with the pliers.

Lay a silk flower along the wire at one end.

Wind floral tape around the stem, adhering it to the wire.

Lay the next flower next to the first and wind floral tape around the stem.

Repeat until you reach the middle of the wire.

Start over at the other end of the wire until you fill the whole piece with silk flowers.

Tie a piece of ribbon through the loops on the ends of the wire to fit your head

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