Mundane Magick: Spell for Purification of Spirit

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about creating magickal self-care rituals, using witchcraft and the structure of your spiritual life to infuse even the most mundane of activities with magick. I’m going to be expanding on that topic a bit with a few posts on spells you can do using everyday beauty products!

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Spell for Purification of Spirit

We all get bogged down sometimes, whether it’s by work, school, relationship drama or all of the above. When we carry that kind of negative or stressful energy around with us, it affects all aspects of our lives, no matter where it started! This spell is designed to purify your thoughts and spirit to move forward with a clean slate.

  • Cleansing facial makeup wipes or other makeup remover
  • Sage or cedar smudge sticks or incense
  • Open the box of wipes or bottle of makeup remover and set it on your altar.
  • Light the smudge stick or incense and gently wave the smoke over the facial cleanser.
  • Say a few words if you like, such as To bless and cleanse. 
  • Prepare to use a facial wipe or dab remover onto a pad.
  • As you slowly draw the wipe from your crown to your jaw, imagine it wiping away not just the dust and oils of the day but also the negative energy and stressful situations you came into contact with throughout the day. Picture each person, thought pattern or situation that brought you stress today dissolving with the cleanser.
  • When you are finished, snuff out the smudge stick or incense and go about your evening feeling clean and refreshed.


How do you incorporate mundane activities and tools into your magickal practice?

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