Magickal Correspondences of Salt

Salt is such an innocuous substance, isn’t it? We shake it onto our foods thoughtlessly, making the most bland and tasteless meal more palatable. And yet it is such a powerful magickal ingredient!

Magickal Correspondences of Salt | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Salt has so many uses. In a mundane sense, aside from making food taste better, it can be used in all sorts of healing capacities included soaks and scrubs. On a more magickal level, it’s purifying and protective abilities are pretty potent. You can use just about any kind of salt, including table salt, for basic purification and protection spells.

But what’s even better is using one of the many and varied types of salts for more specific purposes. To employ the magickal benefits of salt, try adding specific types to special, homemade foods, soak in a salt bath or make a salt scrub with fresh herbs. Sprinkle it into shapes such as cast circles or a pentacle on your altar. Cleanse crystals by sprinkling a circle of salt around them and leaving them to charge in moonlight, (it is best not to immerse most crystals in salt as it can be damaging.) So many wonderful uses.

Magickal Correspondences of Salt | The Witch of Lupine HollowHere are a few different common types of salt that you can find at any gourmet grocery or spice shop, including a bit of information on their magickal properties, color and where they come from.

Table Salt: 

  • Magickal Properties: Despite the lack of glamour involved with table salt, it’s perfect for your daily use. Use it to cast circles or sprinkle in window sills for protection.
  • Mechanically harvested and processed.
  • Pure white.
  • Little to no health benefits, due to added chemicals and heavy refinement.

Fleur de Sel: 

  • Magickal Properties: Deeply purifying and cleansing. Use in place of table salt anywhere you want to add a little boost of power.
  • Primarily collected along the Mediterranean and French coasts.
  • Pure white.
  • In cooking, used as a finishing salt to enhance flavor. More pure than table salt but still goes through refining processes.

Sel Gris (pictured above):

  • Magickal Properties: Cleansing, blessing, and balance.
  • Primarily collected from clay-lined salt ponds in France using traditional wooden tools.
  • Varying shades of gray.
  • Moist and crunchy, very flavorful. Unrefined.

Pink Himalayan Salt:

  • Magickal Properties: Attracts love, romance and friendship.
  • Primarily collected from ancient marine fossil deposits in the mountainous region of Pakistan.
  • Off-white to light pink.
  • Wonderful for air purification as well as adding flavor to food.

Black Lava Salt:

  • Magickal Properties: Absorbs and dispels negativity and physical or emotional toxins.
  • Primarily collected in Hawaii, then infused with activated charcoal.
  • Black.
  • Absorbs flavor from food but can also absorb impurities and toxins from the body.
  • Please Note: Be careful not to confuse lava salt with Witches’ Salt, which is an inedible but protective blend of sea salt with scrapings from iron pots.

Epsom Salt: 

  • Magickal Properties: Purifying specifically the body, detoxification. Perfect for ritual baths.
  • Inorganic salt; magnesium sulfate.
  • Pure white.
  • Used primarily for bathing, cosmetics and soothing sore muscles.


How do you use salt in your magickal practice?


2 thoughts on “Magickal Correspondences of Salt

  1. Epsom salts are my JAM! I swear by them. A bath with some Epsom salts and whatever essential oil I’m needing at the moment = heaven. I’m also big on salt lamps! I don’t have one at the moment, but I do have a pink Himalayan salt tealight holder that I love using during rituals ❤


    1. Just made some lavender eucalyptus Epsom salts last week – so soothing and indulgent. And so easy! I learned so much about Himalayan salt when I wrote this post and it’s FASCINATING. So much out there to learn!


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