Spell for Gentle Communication

As most of you know, I’ve been focusing more on astrology in my practice lately and have even started offering Moon Sign Readings. Our moon signs deeply resonate with who we are in our souls, not just the shiny exterior we present to the world.

Chrysocolla and lavender help us to communicate more calmly and clearly. | The Witch of Lupine HollowWith my moon in fiery Aries, I tend to run a bit hot! Especially since my breakup two months ago, I have been a bit short-tempered and have been butting heads with coworkers. For the new moon and solar eclipse in Pisces a few days ago, I set an intention to be kinder, more thoughtful and to think more deeply about my words and actions before I let them out into the universe.

To put a little extra oomph behind this intention, I enacted a little spell. I joke a lot about carrying crystals in our pockets but despite my cynicism, they can be wonderful little reminders of the intentions we have set!

This spell utilizes chrysocolla, which is a beautiful little turquoise-colored stone associated with communication and harmony. The spell also uses lavender, one of the most calming herbs and a staple in any witch’s cabinet.

Spell for Gentle Communication

Small chrysocolla stone

Lavender buds

Glass jar

Sit in a comfortable position at your altar. Hold the crystal in your hands and close your eyes. Envision yourself in various situations, communicating in the manner you would like to: calmly, clearly and gently.

When you are ready and feel the stone is sufficiently infused with your intentions, pour some lavender buds into the glass jar, enough so the bottom of the jar is covered.

Place the chrysocolla stone in the jar and shake it gently so the lavender buds settle around it.

Charge under the dark of the new moon or light of the full moon.

Carry the stone with you to remind you of your intentions.

What intentions did you set at the solar eclipse?

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