How to Incorporate Spiritual Activities Into Your Daily Life

We’ve all been there: we get busy, life gets in the way and we suddenly realize it’s been weeks since we did any journaling, tarot reading or meditating. Our spiritual lives have to fit into the rest of our busy schedules and though it’s not a very romantic idea to pencil in your magickal workings, it is only practical.

How to Make Time for Spiritual Activities in Your Daily Life

Personally, it doesn’t work for me to put things on the calendar in a “every week on this day I’ll do this activity” kind of way.

Between evening work events, family gatherings, my own attempts at a social life and all the other things that come up, I can’t block off any day of the week, every week.

So what’s the solution? Well, everyone is going to have a different way of dealing with this, but I’ve come up with a system I’m currently playing around with.

For the things that I want to do every day, I do go ahead and put them on my calendar. One of my issues is that I have a really hard time getting up in the mornings. I like my sleep and I like my cozy bed, okay? 

Mostly, the problem is that I take a while to really wake up and unless I have something already mapped out to do in the morning that I’m excited about, I’m literally going to get up 25 minutes before I have to leave for work.

I’m starting small with this one, and taking some inspiration from Snow Orchid Witch’s Magick Morning Routine. Up to now, I have been doing my daily record of the moon phase, etc, at night. It’s not the most productive structure though as most of the things I record would be more useful to know throughout the day, not at the end! I record the current moon phase and sign and energies therein, my dreams from the night before and do a card pull. So I’m swapping my routine and recording these things in the morning instead!

Here are the daily spiritual activities I’m currently trying to stay on track with :

7:30 am – Get up and brew a cup of tea

7:35 am – Daily chronicle of moon phase, dreams, tarot card of the day and tea consumed

10:30 pm or before bed – Write down any events that may be connected to the tarot card draw from that morning

Now, for all of the other things that I just can’t schedule for daily or regular practice, I schedule once a week. On Sundays before I go to bed, I take a look at my calendar for the week and schedule in the following spiritual and self-care activities:

15 minutes of yoga, twice a week

Tend to the garden and spend some time outside, once to three times a week depending on season

Write 2-3 upcoming blog posts, once a week

Record information in grimoire, once a week


Read a few chapters of fiction, at least once a week

Read or study a spiritual book, once a week

Work on herbal and magickal projects, as possible or as needed

Hot herbal bath, at least once a month

Massage, at least once a month (to be fair, this gets scheduled after each appointment, not once a week but it is part of my practice)

To implement your own spiritual schedule, honestly, you just have to play around with what works for you. But to start, you can certainly take my model and make it your own! Plan on a few simple activities that take no more than a few minutes each day and then once a week schedule in a few other things you want to accomplish. There is a certain structured mindfulness to this that holds you accountable for your spiritual life without sacrificing everything else you enjoy or need to do.

What spiritual or magickal activities do you try to incorporate into your schedule on a regular basis?

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