Herb Profiles for Your Grimoire + A Free Template

One of the first things many witches add to their grimoires is magickal correspondences for plants and herbs. There are hundreds of books on the subject of herbalism, some magickal, some scientific, some both. For the herbs you used most often in your practice, you’ll want to be able to easily refer to the information you need about them, rather than thumbing through several different books looking for what you want.

Herb Profiles for Your Grimoire + A Free Template | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Herb profiles in your grimoire are the perfect solution. Condense all the information you refer to regularly in one convenient spot! Aside from any more mystical uses, this is pretty much the number one function of a practical grimoire.


Herbs to Include:

In my herb profiles, I compile the following information about each plant or herb:

Latin name

Folk names

Habitat (where in the world the plant is found)

Cultivation (how and where it grows and how to care for it)

Parts Used

Medicinal Properties (if appropriate – if the plant is poisonous, I would note it here as well)

Aromatherapy Uses (if appropriate)

Magickal Properties



Planetary Ruler

Astrological Sign(s)

There are other things one might include in an herb profile, depending on how serious of an herbalist you are and where your interests lie, but this is a great place to start. You may want to leave yourself some space in your grimoire to add information as you develop your practice and expand your use of herbs. For more information on magickal herbalism, I highly recommend checking out the Worts & Cunning Blog.

I’ve put together a template featuring space for all of this information so that you can get started profiling your favorite magickal herbs too! Just sign up below for the newsletter and you’ll receive access to the Super Secret Moonglow Grimoire, which includes a PDF of this grimoire page template.

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