How to Create Magick Spells

In contrast to my post a few days ago… today we’re talking about why magick does work. While on my full moon retreat, I wrote about why I believe magick doesn’t really exist and why that’s okay in my practice. I still practice spells and I still believe they do something – but only if I take action to make them happen, not because there’s a crystal in my pocket and herbs in my tea.

How to Create Magic Spells | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Today we’re going to go over how to create a magickal spell that will work for you. These are spells that have power because we say they do and because they are unique to our own needs and beliefs. This is the main reason why I’m not a fan of books of spells. While books like those are great for research and learning about how others practice magick, the spells don’t really hold any personal meaning for anyone but the author. That doesn’t mean they absolutely won’t work if you try them… but magick is most effective if we understand on a deeply personal level why we’re doing something.

So, how do you go about creating your own spells, then? Here are a few tips!

Determine what supplies you use most often and keep them on hand at all times. This might be things like sage or salt for purifying, oils for anointing or base teas for creating blends. It also includes basic essentials like matches and votive candles. You don’t want to have to place an Amazon order every time you want to cast a spell!

Consider the season and the moon phase. This applies both to the intention of the spell and the ingredients. You may want to use pine or cedar for purification in the wintertime, due to their evergreen qualities, while sage might be more appropriate in summer. Similarly, spells regarding fertility (whether in a reproductive, business or other capacity), are going to be most potent in spring.

Consider your geographical location and your heritage. Are there certain things you have easy access to like abalone shells or cactus needles? Does your Native American heritage suggest using particular ingredients or your Italian ancestry mean you feel very connected to cooking traditional dishes? Incorporate these things into your spell (and your general practice.)

Think about the elements and which of them you are most drawn to. Those attracted to fire might want to surround the elements of their spell with a circle of candles or combine spell ingredients in a kettle on the stove. Those attracted to water might prefer to brew special, magickal tea blends or take a ritual bath while visualizing the outcome they desire.

Don’t stress too hard about making your spell perfect or complex or in line with every book you’ve ever read. I know, it’s one thing for me to say that and another thing to actually not stress too hard. But honestly, magick is about doing what feels right. It’s about doing what is actually going to get your butt in gear and start taking action on those intentions. If you can’t remember what the point of the crystals in your pockets are… then they aren’t doing you any good. (And yes, that’s my new favorite example of how and why magick works – or doesn’t.) On a related note, don’t worry too much if the traditional correspondences for an ingredient aren’t what you want to use them for. If you’re feeling really strongly about something, there’s probably a reason.



It’s not necessary to combine all of these elements into every spell but they do help us to narrow down all the myriad possibilities! How do you go about creating spells?

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